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Quotes for
Lila Sawyer (Character)
from "Hey Arnold!" (1994)

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"Hey Arnold!: School Play (#3.19)" (1999)
Helga Pataki: [mutters quietly] I like Arnold.
Lila Sawyer: Pardon? I couldn't hear you.
Helga Pataki: [Mutters slightly louder, but faster] I like Arnold.
Lila Sawyer: I'm sorry, Helga, you're mumbling.
Helga Pataki: [practically screams to her face] I... LIKE... ARNOLD.
Helga Pataki: I'm head over heels, hook, line, and sinker, over the moon, loop-de-loop, wow and toot!. I'm in love with the boy!.
Helga Pataki: Happy now? Happy?
Lila Sawyer: [Stares at her, then smiles cooly] I've kinda had a funny feeling you liked him.