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Quotes for
Tilly Hill (Character)
from "King of the Hill" (1997)

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"King of the Hill: Nine Pretty Darn Angry Men (#3.7)" (1998)
Cotton Hill: [chewing on something with a disgusted look on his face] Tilly did you make this stuffing?, cause it tastes like garbage!
Hank Hill: [embarrassed and worried] Uh, Dad!
Cotton Hill: Did I ever tell you the time she tried to poison me with a baked chicken?
Tilly Hill: [sighing] It was chicken almondine!
Cotton Hill: It was cyanide woman!
Hank Hill: Uh, Dad could you please show Mom some respect while Bobby's in the room?
Cotton Hill: You heard him Bobby, leave the room
[Bobby stand up]
Hank Hill: No sit down Bobby
Bobby Hill: Could you at least respect Grandmom until we get to dessert?
Cotton Hill: Didi's your grandmom too Bobby, your pretty grandmom!
Hank Hill: Dad!
[Tilly sighs]
Bill Dauterive: [Tapping a knife against a glass] To the stuffing, might taste like garbage but it sure fills you up!

"King of the Hill: The Unbearable Blindness of Laying (#2.11)" (1997)
Tilly Hill: What did the doctor say honey?
Hank Hill: I poked myself in the eye, it's the darnedest thing
Tilly Hill: But what about the other eye?
Hank Hill: Well it seems the other eye compensates by shutting itself down, it's one of natures wonders
Gary Kasner: My entire life I've been reading "Psychology Today", I-I never heard of an eye sympathetically shutting down, hmm.
Hank Hill: [seemingly pointing at him] I got a magazine you ought to read, it's called "The Ten Commandments"!
Gary Kasner: Who's he talking to? Hank you want I should come over there?
Bobby Hill: [imitating him] You want I should come over there?
Bobby Hill: That is so Arizona!