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A.D.A. Margaret Flanagan (Character)
from "L.A. Law" (1986)

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"L.A. Law: Captain Hurt (#4.2)" (1989)
A.D.A. Margaret Flanagan: Mr. Nevins, do you believe that Black People are discriminating against in this country?
Claude Nevins: Let's just say that it's my experience. Not my belief.
A.D.A. Margaret Flanagan: Do you think that experience is shared by all Black People?
Claude Nevins: I do.
A.D.A. Margaret Flanagan: [Ms. Flanagan turned to the defendant Earl Williams] Including the defendant?
Claude Nevins: Yes, ma'am. Including the defendant.
A.D.A. Margaret Flanagan: Prosecution asked that Mr. Nevins be excused for cause.
Michael Kuzak: Objection, what's the cause?
A.D.A. Margaret Flanagan: I believe that Mr. Nevins is predisposed here the charges the defendant is racist and is capable of judging this case on the facts.
Judge Roberta Harbin: There's no showing of cause here. Denied.
A.D.A. Margaret Flanagan: In that case, prosecution will exercise one of it's preemptory challenges in that Mr. Nevins be excused.
Judge Roberta Harbin: Mr. Nevins is excused. Thank you for you time.

Michael Kuzak: Mr. Metoyer, you have many black friends?
Al Metoyer: No.
Michael Kuzak: You have any black friends?
Al Metoyer: None.
Michael Kuzak: How would you feel if your daughter married a black man?
Al Metoyer: I wonder if he's a decent soared, I don't think that bother me much.
Michael Kuzak: The defense would accept this man.
A.D.A. Margaret Flanagan: Mr. Metoyer, how do you feel about capital punishment?
Al Metoyer: I guess some on defense.
A.D.A. Margaret Flanagan: Do you think, sir, that the possibility of execution would prevent you from entering a guilty verdict, if the facts support it?
Al Metoyer: Not if the facts support it, no.
A.D.A. Margaret Flanagan: In others words, you're capable of sending this man to his death?
Al Metoyer: Yes.
A.D.A. Margaret Flanagan: Thank you. The prosecution accepts this man.
[Judge Harbin write it down]