Denholme Cavendish
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Denholme Cavendish (Character)
from Cloud Atlas (2012)

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Cloud Atlas (2012)
Denholme Cavendish: [answering phone in the middle of the night] Ugh, who the bloody hell is this? Have you any idea what time it is?
Timothy Cavendish: Denny, it's me, Tim
Denholme Cavendish: Timothy? Where are you?
Timothy Cavendish: I think you ruddy well know where I am!
Denholme Cavendish: But residents aren't allowed access to phones. Has someone smuggled one in?
Timothy Cavendish: What? You know the rules?
Denholme Cavendish: I helped *write* them, Timmy. I have been a principal investor in Aurora House for twelve years. It's incredibly lucrative. You can't believe how much people will pay to lock up their parents.