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Dr. Blight (Character)
from "Captain Planet and the Planeteers" (1990)

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"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Send in the Clones (#2.4)" (1991)
[first lines]
Looten Plunder: Ah, what a beautiful island. Just the place for a flarme-thrower factory. 'Cept, where are the workers you promised me?
Dr. Blight: You worry about *your* end of the business. When I'm through with my experiment, you'll have more workers than you can handle.
[laughing, presses a button that sends an energy ray toward a device on the ceiling, whose beam shoots down near them, causing them to retreat]
Looten Plunder: You'd better get a handle on that *beam*. It's not supposed to be a death-ray.

Dr. Blight: This ray will clone any living thing. It creates instant micellular mitosis.
Looten Plunder: Mitosis, my foot. Just show me.
Dr. Blight: On who? You think a volunteer is going to jump in the window?
Looten Plunder: [sees a locust on the sill] Matter of fact, yeah. Hit it!
[she does and nothing happens]
Looten Plunder: I'm no mathematician, Blight, but I count only *one* bug.

Dr. Blight: [traps the clone insect while the original hops off] Plunder! Grab that other locust!
Looten Plunder: [chuckles] Why bother? He didn't look like much of a worker to me.

Vico: Please don't hurt me!
Looten Plunder: Ha! You think you're scared now, in a minute you'll be beside yourself!
Dr. Blight: Stand back, Looten. We don't need *two* of you making bad jokes.
Linka: [from the doorway] Even one of him is too many.

Dr. Blight: [Vico and the Planeteers are escaping] Well, don't just stand there! Use the claw!
Looten Plunder: Yes! Just what the doctor ordered.

Looten Plunder: Half the island is covered with Vicos. Before they split again, *we* better split.
Dr. Blight: I'll get the clone-ray, you keep an eye on the door.
[the Planeteers leap through the window]
Wheeler: We thought we'd drop by and see what you were up to.
Gi: Looks like you're up to your eyeballs in clones.
Dr. Blight: [enraged] Looten...!
Looten Plunder: [retreating, gesturing at but not facing the entrance] Well, you said to watch the *door*...
[Kwame and Leela burst in through it]

Looten Plunder: [lunges for the locust lodging on Vico's chest, it hops off at the last second] Oh, rats!
[examines Vico]
Looten Plunder: Hmm. Wait a minute...
[grabs Vico's wrist]
Vico: Uh-oh. A truant officer!
Dr. Blight: [comes over] Oh, way to go, butterfingers! The locust got away!
Looten Plunder: Forget the bug, Blight. We've got another volunteer right here.
Vico: [trying to break free] I'm on my way to school, honest!
Looten Plunder: [laughs] We're not from school, kid. But stick with us. You'll learn a thing or two.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: An Inside Job (#2.10)" (1991)
MAL: [as Captain Planet dodges the rays she shoots] I wish you'd let *me* try, Doctor.
Dr. Blight: Your arm is too short, MAL.

Dr. Blight: I hope you didn't think I ran out on you, MAL, baby.
MAL: The thought never *entered* my database!

Dr. Blight: MAL - bail me out of this prison.
[he cannot reach her]
Dr. Blight: Your arm is still too short, MAL!
MAL: And whose fault is *that*, Doctor? *You* installed it!

Dr. Blight: [MAL struggles to release Dr. Blight as Kwame writhes on the floor] Take your time, MAL. It looks like those parasites are attacking that Planet brat's brain!
[the Planeteers experience it at a booming volume within Kwame's right ear]
Gi: Oh, no! Did you hear that?
Wheeler: [clutching his ears] Ahh! I don't think I'll hear anything else for a week!
Linka: I told you to stay in the main artery, but, nyet, you had to take shortcut.

[last lines]
Sly Sludge: I feel about this tall.
[makes a thumb-and-finger size measure]
Dr. Blight: I could arrange that.
[he kicks her over the bridge into fertilizer, the Planeteers laugh]

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Two Futures: Part 1 (#1.24)" (1991)
Rigger: [Kwame's earthquake is felt] Gee, this Time Pool can sure make waves. Don't ya think?
Dr. Blight: That's not the Time Pool, that's...
Hoggish Greedly: [they step into the light from the broken wall] The PLANETEERS?
Kwame: We knocked, but no one answered.

Wheeler: [hammering the wall that caused the cave-in] Captain Planet, we're trapped in here!
Dr. Blight: Yes, *please* get us out, Captain Planet! I promise I'll be good from now on!... I'll tell any lie I can *think* of to get out of here.

Dr. Blight: It's been over an hour. Looks like your *hero* has abandoned you.
Wheeler: It was YOUR radioactivity that took away Cap's powers!
Wheeler: This is the most boring New Year's Eve I've ever spent.
MAL: *Boredom's* not making you yawn. It's carbon-dioxide.
Wheeler: [springs up] WHAT? You mean we're runnin' out of oxygen?
MAL: Not "we", human. "You." *I* never use the stuff.

Wheeler: It's not fair! THIS is what I get for trying to save the world? I could've been havin' *fun* tonight! Sometimes I wish I'd never *gotten* this stupid ring.
Dr. Blight: Do you really mean that? Because I can arrange it.
Wheeler: Arrange what?
Dr. Blight: I can send you back in time to the moment when you got that ring from Gaia. When was it, anyway?
Wheeler: Uh - last January. The fifth.
Dr. Blight: You heard that, MAL; start up the Time Pool. Wheeler's going back in time. To January fifth. And where were you that day?
Wheeler: Brooklyn, New York, but I really don't wanna go back in time...
Dr. Blight: [steps behind him] Aren't you tired of being a Planeteer, of always recycling, car-pooling, conserving energy?
Wheeler: [hesitantly] It's what everybody *should* do...
Dr. Blight: Forget "should". Isn't it time you did what *you* wanna do?
Wheeler: Changing history... I dunno...
Dr. Blight: There are billions of other people who can save Earth. You've got your *own* life to worry about.
Wheeler: [shoves her backward] I don't trust you, Blight.
Dr. Blight: Then think about *this*: our only way out of this cave-in is to change history so it didn't happen!

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Fare Thee Whale (#2.25)" (1992)
Dr. Blight: And, in case we meet a certain Captain out on the high seas, we've got an explosive lasso, with a toxic head, filled with radioactive waste!
Looten Plunder: Well, I never thought I'd find myself wishing Captain Planet would show up!

Ma-Ti: They got Captain Planet!
Looten Plunder, Dr. Blight: [high-fiveing] We got Captain Planet!

Looten Plunder: Nice move, Blight! You let the big one get away!
Dr. Blight: Don't carp at me, Plunder! Ohh, men!
[storms off]
Looten Plunder: Hm! Women!

Dr. Blight: [nervously looking at the harpoon he holds] Um, just what - were you planning to do with that, Captain Planet... sir?
Captain Planet: Oh, just trying to make a point.
[jabs it into the raft she and Plunder are on, deflating it]

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Tree of Life (#1.9)" (1990)
Kwame: Why are you letting us out?
Dr. Blight: Because I *want* you to summon Captain Planet.
Ma-Ti: We will. And he will teach you a lesson you will *never* forget!
Dr. Blight: Au contraire. This time Dr. Blight is giving a lesson, and the Captain is going to flunk.

Dr. Blight: That do-good superhero will show up sooner or later.
Captain Planet: [flies in] I prefer sooner myself.

MAL: It just doesn't compute. How could you return without the Tree of Life?
Dr. Blight: Because your Robojacks couldn't cut through it. If you're so smart, how come you didn't compute *that*?
[he disappears from the screen]

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Utopia (#2.26)" (1992)
Dr. Blight: What spirit. What valor. What stupidity.

Dr. Blight: I want to hear MAL's good news.
MAL: Do I have to tell him, too?
Verminous Skumm: Out with it, you Floppy Disc-head.
MAL: Ooh, rough and tough.

Verminous Skumm: [sees Captain Planet reprogram the robots to turn them to good use on-screen] I REALLY don't like him...
MAL: Captain Planet Alert. He's headed this...
[Cap crashes through the ceiling]
MAL: ...way. Why...
[laughs nervously]
MAL: Captain Planet, how nice of you to drop in.
Captain Planet: Aren't you two a little far from home?
Dr. Blight: Uh, maybe a little.
Verminous Skumm: Uh... we were just leaving.
Captain Planet: Let me give you a hand.
[grabs and lifts them through the hole in the roof]
Captain Planet: Time to go back to your own universe.
[flings them through the air]
Verminous Skumm: [shooting toward a portal he blasts out of air] It's OK. We'll just wait for the subwayyyy...

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: 101 Mutations (#6.2)" (1996)
MAL: Speaking of guard dogs, how about feeding yours once in a while?
Dr. Blight: They could always take a couple of bytes out a smart-mouthed computer.

Dr. Blight: [leaping into the humane society truck's rear] Close the door!
Bob: [shutting it once the dogs bound in after] What? And abandon your pets?

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Don't Drink the Water (#1.17)" (1991)
Dr. Blight: Hey, Plunder, what are you trying to pull?
Looten Plunder: The plug, Dr. Blight. On the world's water supply.

Looten Plunder: Cool your jets, Captain Planet...
[Bleak leaves and returns a second later gripping Wheeler, who he drags to the edge of the bridge]
Looten Plunder: ...if you value the safety of your little errand-boy.
Captain Planet: I wouldn't hurt him if I were you.
Verminous Skumm: He's in good hands, Captain Planet, just so long as you go away, and let us pollute in peace.
Dr. Blight: Yeah. While we've got him, you've got trouble.
Captain Planet: [watches as the Geocruiser comes in behind them] ... Sorry, Wheeler, there's - nothing I can do.
Argos Bleak: [releases Wheeler than jumps around] We won! We won!
[is startled when he accidentally elbows Wheeler off the bridge]
Ma-Ti: [Kwame grabs him on a rope dangling from the Geocruiser; he calls from it] Hi, Wheeler.
Kwame: Just thought we'd drop by!

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Greenhouse Planet (#3.1)" (1992)
Dr. Blight: [on the screen of a laptop just opened] It's about time, Doctor. It was getting stuffy in there.
MAL: Just put a cork in it, MAL.
[he corks a bottle]

Captain Planet: [stretching after lifting Wheeler, Gi, and Linka away from the carbon-filled cell, with 2/5 of his usual strength and appearing pale] Wow. I never knew what a hard job I have. Oh, my back.
Dr. Blight: Well, well, look at the mighty Captain Planet. Looks like he's been demoted to Private Planet.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Heat Wave (#1.26)" (1991)
Dr. Blight: [shaking him as a massive wave from the broken forcefield approaches] Quick, MAL, tell me everything I need to know about surfing.
MAL: Just two words, Doctor: wipe ouuuuut...

Dr. Blight: Now it's time for Blight to get out of sight.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: A Good Bomb Is Hard to Find (#6.6)" (1995)
Dr. Blight: Would you pull over for a beautiful damsel in distress?
Soldier: Sure. If we see one.
[the soldiers laugh]

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Wheeler's Ark (#4.6)" (1993)
Captain Planet: [waiting in front of the helicopter] This is your Captain speaking.
[blows out to frost it]
Captain Planet: There seems to be a little ice forming on the wings - uh, blades.
[they stop turning and it falls]
Captain Planet: Fasten your seatbelts; we seem to be experiencing mild turbulence.
[flies down to where it's set to fall and gently lowers it before coming to the door, breaking it, and taking the guns]
Captain Planet: Please remain seated until your vehicle is at a complete stop. Check your weapons at the door.
Dr. Blight: Hey, those are *mine*.
Captain Planet: [remolding them into skis] Aw, don't worry, Doc. You can have them back. After all, you'll need them to *shoot* out of town.
[she and the poachers look terrified as a howl sounds]
Captain Planet: Time for me to *ski*daddle. Thank you for flying Air Planet.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: The Ark (#2.6)" (1991)
[last lines]
Gaia: Thanks for bringing back my Planeteers, Collector.
Collector: [with two unidentifiable creatures] It's a rare pleasure, Gaia. Most of my creatures no longer have homes to return to.
Gaia: Just one other thing - I'd rather you left *those* two behind as well.
[gestures to Greedly and Blight, in one of Collector's matrices ready to be transported, Collector releases them]
Collector: Now behave yourselves.
Hoggish Greedly: Oh, y-y-y-y-yes, yes, sir, uh, uh, uh, ma'am, uh, it.
Dr. Blight: ...Whatever you say!
[they hustle off]
Collector: You know, Gaia, I didn't think anyone would miss those two.
Gaia: No one would. It's just that I can't bear to have the rest of the galaxy think *they* represent humanity.
Gaia: It *would* be a shame. Wouldn't it?
Linka, Wheeler, Gi, Kwame, Ma-Ti: YES!
Collector: And now, I must return to the Space Ark. Keep up your good work, Planeteers.
[speaks in his native language, Gaia says something back, and with a last word he enters a pipe into space and vanishes]
Wheeler: Hey, I didn't know you could speak his language. What'd he say?
Gaia: Collector says that no matter where you're from or what language you speak, we're all in this together.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Little Crop of Horrors (#5.8)" (1994)
MAL: Steal someone else's idea, and take the credit.
Dr. Blight: Great idea. Glad I thought of it.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Who's Running the Show? (#5.13)" (1995)
Dr. Blight: Stand still, eco-ick!
Kwame: I would rather shake things up. Earth!

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: No Place Like Home (#5.7)" (1994)
MAL: Look, Doctor. They're surrendering.
Dr. Blight: Good. That'll make 'em easier to hit.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Future Shock (#4.8)" (1993)
Looten Plunder: But that explosion will blow up *my* power-plant, too.
Dr. Blight: Stop wining, Looten; you'll get a fat insurance-check.
Looten Plunder: [grinning] Yeah.

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Disoriented Express (#5.4)" (1994)
Dr. Blight: [stuck on the freeway while trying to escape] Out of my way! Oh, I hate all this traffic.
Captain Planet: Well, then, let me take you away from it.
[lifts her car]

"Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Mission to Save Earth: Part 1 (#1.22)" (1991)
MAL: The Planeteers combine *their* rings to create Captain Planet...
Dr. Blight: If we combined the polluting powers of *our* rings, what would *we* create?
Sly Sludge: Hopefully havoc, but let's find out.