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Will Ingram (Character)
from "Person of Interest" (2011)

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"Person of Interest: Legacy (#1.12)" (2012)
Harold Finch: You cut your hair... finally!
Will Ingram: You got new glasses... finally!

Will Ingram: Whatever he was working on, he sold it to the government for a dollar. So that means it was either something worthless or priceless.

Harold Finch: Have you thought about finishing your residency?
Will Ingram: No, got plenty of action around the world with MSF, Red Cross. Didn't feel like I was helping people.
Harold Finch: You're a doctor. All you do is help people.
Will Ingram: I treat symptoms of the disease after the fact, never the underlying cause. I want to *really* help people.
Harold Finch: I was just thinking how much you sound like your father.

Will Ingram: [Talking about his dad] Going through his things, I realize how little I really knew him.
Harold Finch: I think most fathers are a mystery to their sons.
Will Ingram: Well, most sons don't have the advantage of reading the unauthorized biography. Or all this. It's from the audit the lawyers did when he left me his half of the company. Now, most of it I don't understand. I get lost when it comes to computers, like you, right?
Harold Finch: Right.

"Person of Interest: Wolf and Cub (#1.14)" (2012)
Will Ingram: [Talking about his dad's old things] One or two things I'm sure he would have wanted you to have. Mostly it was boring stuff, except for this, which is just strange.
[Hands Harold a champagne cork wrapped in a piece of paper]
Harold Finch: [Reads] Day one: The machine, February 24, 2005.
Will Ingram: It's interesting, isn't it?
Harold Finch: Is it?
Will Ingram: I told you I'm looking into that period when dad shut down operations at the company. This is right in the middle of that. Now, obviously he was celebrating something, but what? A machine? The machine?
Harold Finch: I wouldn't know. You know your dad; any excuse for champagne.
Will Ingram: Well, I guess you're right. But there's still one person who I think of who might know. You probably know her too Alicia Corwin?
Harold Finch: No. I don't think so.
Will Ingram: Hers is the only name that appears in any of the files during that seven-year blackout, and she worked for the White House. I guess they were in touch about something.
Harold Finch: Have you been in contact with her?
Will Ingram: It wasn't easy. After she quit her job at the government a year ago after dad died, she moved to this remote town in West Virginia - Green Bank.
Harold Finch: Never heard of it.
Will Ingram: Me neither. Turns out it's the only place in the US. That doesn't have cell phones or wireless Internet. Apparently, they do something to the radio telescopes.
Harold Finch: Are you sure you're not chasing shadows here, Will?
Will Ingram: Maybe, except for one thing. Remember that contract that dad signed with the government for $1? It's the next day - February 25th, 2005.

Will Ingram: That's what this is about - A dollar for dad's patents?
Alicia Corwin: I'm afraid so.
Will Ingram: So this is about the government helping him or screwing him, but why drink champagne? And what does it mean - "The machine"? Crushed by the machine?
Alicia Corwin: I suppose, yes, in a way, he was crushed by the machine.

Will Ingram: Alicia Corwin; she told me some stuff. I don't know if it's what I wanted to know. You know, I had my dad on a pedestal. Loved him, hated him, but just always admired him. It's kind of hard to believe he was just an ordinary guy, made mistakes like everybody else.
Harold Finch: Well, whatever she told you, there's one thing you should know about him. Anytime anyone ever asked him what his proudest achievement was, he always said that it was you.