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Tyrell Evans (Character)
from "Person of Interest" (2011)

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"Person of Interest: Matsya Nyaya (#1.20)" (2012)
Detective Joss Carter: Agent Snow and... whatever your name is.
Tyrell Evans: [meekly] Evans.
Detective Joss Carter: What do you want?
Mark Snow: Oh, to say hi, see how you are.
Detective Joss Carter: I'm fine. What do you want?
Mark Snow: We know that you're talking to the FBI about Reese.
Detective Joss Carter: Is there a law against that?
Mark Snow: As they've proven time and again, the FBI cannot be trusted with matters of national security. Do not talk to Agent Donnelly.
Detective Joss Carter: Oh, you mean about our mutual friend. Why, you're afraid Donnelly's gonna get to him first? What exactly are you worried he's gonna tell him?

Mark Snow: Hey, we got a lead on Reese. An asset in North Korea, a dissident group helped an injured CIA operative escape from a town near Ordos, China, May 2010.
Tyrell Evans: Ordos? Must be our guy.
Mark Snow: The asset pointed us to a bank account out of Grand Cayman. Same account was accessed two days ago at a bank across the street from the Royal Manhattan hotel. Meet me there.
[Cut to the Hotel, Mark and Evans, enter cautiously. Suddenly, Evans falls to the floor from a gunshot. A figure comes out from the shadows... ]
Kara Stanton: Hello, Mark. Have a seat. We have some catching up to do.

"Person of Interest: Number Crunch (#1.10)" (2011)
Detective Joss Carter: You're CIA. I met plenty like you in the green zone. So why are you worried about me?
Mark Snow: Because of the man you're chasing. He's dangerous.
Detective Joss Carter: He saved my life. What was that, an accident?
Mark Snow: No. Just proves he still has good instincts.
Detective Joss Carter: Do you even know him?
Mark Snow: Yeah. I was his best friend.
Detective Joss Carter: Then why do you want him so bad?
Tyrell Evans: Because he used to kill people for his country. Now he just kills them. His victims. The ones that we know of. For some he deserves a medal. For some, the chair.
Detective Joss Carter: Why are you telling me this?
Mark Snow: 'Cause we want you to know who he is. He's an incredibly dangerous, incredibly gifted man who's been almost destroyed by the things he was made to do. He's always looking for someone to trust, but his paranoia makes trust impossible.
[Puts a picture on the table]
Detective Joss Carter: I don't understand.
Mark Snow: Kara Stanton, his CIA handler. They were a team. Inseparable, saved each other's lives a dozen times, and then...
Tyrell Evans: He killed her. Then disappeared. We thought he was dead. Gave him his star on the wall at Langley. Then three months ago, you ran his prints. Brought him back from the dead.
Mark Snow: We want to bring him back in before he kills anyone else. Before he kills himself. We want to help him.
Detective Joss Carter: So where do I come in to all of this?
Mark Snow: We think he trusts you. Like he trusted her.