Gianni Moretti
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Gianni Moretti (Character)
from "Person of Interest" (2011)

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"Person of Interest: Flesh and Blood (#1.19)" (2012)
Gianni Moretti: You here to rescue me? Or shoot me?
John Reese: Tonight... rescue.

Gianni Moretti: Why don't you just kill me already?
Carl Elias: I would hate for you to miss the show. I'm gonna do what you never had the stones to. I'm gonna unite the families, and take control.
Gianni Moretti: Oh, that's some plan for a nobody. And you think my associates are gonna go along with this farce?
Carl Elias: They won't have a choice.

Gianni Moretti Jr.: It's good to have you back, pop.
Gianni Moretti: It's good to be back. Let's go home, son.
[Phone rings]
Gianni Moretti: Hello?
Carl Elias: Hi, dad.
Gianni Moretti: What, is this somehow supposed to intimidate me?
Carl Elias: I just wanted to say good-bye. And that I wish I could have been there.
[Moretti's car explodes]

"Person of Interest: Baby Blue (#1.17)" (2012)
Gianni Moretti: Do I have to stay here?
Detective Joss Carter: You're a free man, Gianni. You can walk out of here and into a bullet anytime - or you can stay and help us get Elias before he gets you!

Detective Joss Carter: You know Elias is looking for you.
Gianni Moretti: I don't see him.
Detective Joss Carter: Not yet. But I could put you somewhere safe, try to keep you alive.
Gianni Moretti: Now I remember you now. You're the one Elias wanted to kill. The cop who's on her own. Looks like nothing's changed.

"Person of Interest: Get Carter (#1.9)" (2011)
Detective Joss Carter: [about Elias] You killed his mother, and you left him to the wolves. What do you think he's gonna do to you? I wouldn't expect any father's day cards. If you help me, I can offer you protective custody.
Gianni Moretti: Who do you think you're talking to?
Detective Joss Carter: You don't get it. Elias can get to you anywhere. He can find someone you know, turn them on you. And you know what? It's not a question of if, but when.
Gianni Moretti: Telling me this guy already took out a cop, took a shot at you 'cause you got too close, and you came here to warn me, huh?
Detective Joss Carter: Consider it a courtesy call.
Gianni Moretti: There a task force going after this Elias, or is it just you, detective?
Detective Joss Carter: What is that supposed to mean?
Gianni Moretti: Way it looks from my side of the fence, you're all alone. Sounds to me like maybe he's coming after you.