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Quotes for
Stanny (Character)
from "Strictly Sexual: The Series" (2011)

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Strictly Sexual (2008)
Stanny: Oh, Yeah. I'm gonna write a book, It's called: Men are from mars and women are fucking morons!

Stanny: I'll tell ya why we don't have girlfriends in three words: Women. Are. Morons.

Donna: Just don't ask me to say it to you, Stanny, 'cause I can't.
Stanny: That's okay. Just let me love you.

Stanny: You know real life, it ain't like the movies. Life is just a bunch of stories you go through and they all end sooner or later. But it's ok. I'm gonna go find my next story. I hope you do the same

Stanny: Fuck me. I blew a great setup. Did you ever fuck something up and you knew you were fucking it up but you did it anyway? Maybe she fucked it up. I don't know, I'll let you people decide. My opinion is biased. I don't know why there's this myth that women get dependent on men. I mean, everyday in America, some guy snaps and kills his girlfriend and they've got to get restraining orders taken against them all the time. Women never do that. Oh, you think you're immune, pal? Well, brother, you just haven't met the girl you want to fuckin' kill someday.