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Moppet Girl (Character)
from Wreck-It Ralph (2012)

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Wreck-It Ralph (2012)
Moppet Girl: [unable to play "Wreck-It Ralph"] Where's the Wrecking guy?

Moppet Girl: [trying to play "Fix-It Felix, Jr."] Mr. Litwak!
Mr. Litwak: What's the matter, sweetheart?
Moppet Girl: The game's busted.
Mr. Litwak: [looks] Hmm, looks like the game's gone cuckoo... like my nana. Here's your quarter back, darling.
Moppet Girl: But what about the game?
Mr. Litwak: I'll have somebody come and look at it tomorrow. But if he can't fix it, then it may be time to put old Ralph and Felix out to pasture... like my nana.