Melina Havelock
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Melina Havelock (Character)
from For Your Eyes Only (1981)

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For Your Eyes Only (1981)
James Bond: The Chinese have a saying; "Before setting off on revenge, you first dig *two* graves"!
Melina: I don't expect you to understand, you're English, but I'm half Greek and Greek women like Elektra always avenge their loved ones!

Melina: You know what I'd like?
James Bond: I can't imagine.
Melina: A moonlight swim.
Frederick Gray: [Calling on Bond's wristwatch phone] 007, are you there? Bond? Bond? Bond, are you there? Bond?
Melina: [to Bond] For your eyes only, darling.
[Melina drops her robe to the ground leaving her completely naked]

[Bond and Melina are to be keel-hauled]
Kristatos: [seeing Bond's injury] Bind that wound. We don't want any blood in the water.
Kristatos: [smirks] Not yet!
Melina: Murderer!
Kristatos: *You* have shot your last bolt, Miss Havelock!
Kristatos: [to his man] Oh, leave the legs free. They'll make appetizing *bait*.

Columbo: We are five men.
Melina: And a woman!

Melina: I didn't think it would end like this.
James Bond: We're not dead yet. Hold tight.