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Detective Loki (Character)
from Prisoners (2013)

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Prisoners (2013)
Detective Loki: Alex Jones, unfortunately has the I.Q. of a 10 year-old. There's no way someone with the I.Q. of a 10 year-old could abduct 2 girls in broad daylight and then... somehow dissppear.
Keller Dover: Well, maybe he wasn't on his own. How could he drive an RV if he has an I.Q. of a 10 year-old?

Detective Loki: I'm gonna find your daughters.

Keller Dover: [Stammers] My-my son already told you th-that the guy was inside the RV just watching them... right?
Detective Loki: We haven't found any physical evidence inside the RV... or at his aunt's house, where he lives.
Keller Dover: Nothing...?
Detective Loki: Alex Jones, unfortunately, has the IQ of a ten year-old... There is no way that someone with an IQ of a ten year-old could abduct two girls in broad daylight and then... somehow, make the disappear.
Keller Dover: Uh, well, how can he drive an RV? If-if he can't answer a question...?
Detective Loki: Well, he has a legal Pennsylvania license.
Keller Dover: And he ran, right? They said he tried to run away.
Keller Dover: Why would he run?
Detective Loki: I've spent ten hours questioning this boy, okay? I hear what you're saying.
Keller Dover: Uh... did-did you give him a lie detector? You gave us a lie dete - did you give him one?
Detective Loki: Sir, I understand what you're asking me: yes we did.
Keller Dover: And?
Detective Loki: We gave him a lie detector, and there's no way of... A lie detector doesn't work if you don't understand the questions.
Keller Dover: Well, maybe he wasn't on his own... How can he drive RV if he has an IQ of a ten year-old?
Detective Loki: Sir, sir, hey, we are considering all possibilities...
Detective Loki: No, I-I-I hear what you're saying, I - S-sir, sir...
Keller Dover: I don't think you are considering all possibilities.
Keller Dover: No, you listen to me! Just shut the fuck up for a fucking second!
[Grace jumps, startled at his frustration and cries softly]
Detective Loki: Here's what I'm gonna need you to do for me: I need you to calm down.
Keller Dover: [Trembles] I'm sorry. I'm s-sorry... Please listen to me for a second...
Detective Loki: Mr. Dover... I understand that this is an incredibly hard time, but I have every uniformed police officer in this State looking for Anna.
Keller Dover: [Fights back tears] I don't understand what any of this means; they said he ran... They said he tried to get away. I don't understand w-why he would try to... run away.
Detective Loki: We're considering all possibilities, Mr. Dover. I hear what you're saying. I'm not crossing anybody off my list... Just... let me do my job.

Detective Loki: There's a bag of lye in your basement; it's half-empty... Your wife thinks you've been helping us... but we both know that's not true...
Keller Dover: I used the lye to bury our dog last year... And "helping a cop" sounds better than "I've been out driving around aimlessly in my truck 'cause I don't know what the fuck else to do."
Detective Loki: Is that what you were doing last Saturday night?
Keller Dover: Probably. Am I a suspect?
Detective Loki: No, I'm only asking... I'm only asking because your assaulted man has gone missing.
Keller Dover: [pauses] I heard about that. What happened...? I thought you had him under surveillance.
Detective Loki: [Stammers] I'm gonna assume you're asking because you have no idea.
Keller Dover: Yeah, well I didn't think it was something I could get away with.
Detective Loki: It's not...
Keller Dover: They skip town, this asshole is guilty. Oh, it couldn't be that, right? 'Cause then it'd be your fault, right?
Detective Loki: Mr. Dover... Mr. Dover.
Keller Dover: What?
Detective Loki: You need to take care of yourself and your wife; that's the best thing you can do right now... That little girl is gonna need you when she comes home.
Keller Dover: Kids gone for more than a week... have half as good a chance of being found. And half for a month, almost none are found alive, alright? So, forgive me for doing everything I can to f...
Detective Loki: You know what? It hasn't been a fucking week.
Detective Loki: You're right.
Detective Loki: Day fucking six!
Detective Loki: No.
Detective Loki: It hasn't been a fucking week!
Keller Dover: Day six.
[Eyes well with tears]
Keller Dover: And every day, she's wondering why I'm not there to fucking rescue her! Do you understand that? Me, not you! Not you! But me! EVERY DAY!
Detective Loki: All right...
[pauses as he looks at Detective, breathing heavily in anger; he begins repeatedly bashing his fist against the dashboard]
Detective Loki: Hey, hey, hey, hey...
[Calmly reaches his hand to Keller's shoulder to calm him down]
Keller Dover: [Sharply recoils Detective Loki's hand from his shoulder] Don't follow me.
Detective Loki: Mr. Dover, Mr. Dover...
[Keller sighs and turns to him]
Detective Loki: You don't think I'm gonna let you get behind the wheel after you've been drinking, do you?
Keller Dover: [Opens the car door] I'm gonna walk. You look for my daughter.
[Slams the car door shut]

Keller Dover: He stays in custody till my daughter is found right? Right?
Detective Loki: We have a 48-hour hold on him. It ends tomorrow unless we bring charges.
Keller Dover: Well, then charge him with something... Charge him!
Detective Loki: Mr. Dover...
Keller Dover: [Interrupts] Detective, Detective. Two little girls have *gotta* be worth whatever little rule you gotta break to keep that asshole in custody. Now, I know you can't promise me anything, I understand that. But I'm asking you, be sure. Be 100% sure...
[Loki nods]
Keller Dover: Thank you... I appreciate it.

Keller Dover: Why aren't you sending someone out to go arrest this guy?
Captain Richard O'Malley: Tell Detective Loki what you just told me, and he'll definitely look into it. Go ahead.
Keller Dover: [sighs and turns to Loki] That asshole you promised me you'd keep in custody... Right? And you didn't... And right now, when I grabbed him in the parking lot, he said right to my fucking face, "They didn't cry until I left them." Right to my fucking face!
Detective Loki: He said that to you in the parking lot just now?
Keller Dover: Right now! Yeah! What did I just say? In the parking lot! Before you grabbed me off him.
Detective Loki: Did anyone else hear him besides you?
Keller Dover: I don't know... He was quiet. He-he said it to me. He wanted me to know.
Detective Loki: Are you sure he said that?
Keller Dover: What?
Detective Loki: Are you sure that's what he said?
Keller Dover: Jesus Christ, you think I'm making this up?
Detective Loki: No, I don't think that, I just...
Keller Dover: Why would I make this up? No, no think about! Why would I make this up?
Detective Loki: I'm not saying that to you. I'm just asking you a couple questions... I will talk to him, okay?
Keller Dover: No, don't talk to him! Arrest him!
[Storms out]
Detective Loki: [Turns to Captain O'Malley] What'd I fucking tell you...? What'd I tell you? One more day.

[repeated line]
Detective Loki: Tell me what you're drawing.

Captain Richard O'Malley: You think this is gonna lead you to the bodies? Cause I sure as shit don't.
Detective Loki: Do me a favor, captain. Go fuck yourself.

Detective Loki: Just let me do my job.