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Shelley (Character)
from "American Horror Story" (2011)

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"American Horror Story: Tricks and Treats (#2.2)" (2012)
Shelley: Come on, Doc. Bend me over a bread rack and pound me into shape.
Dr. Arthur Arden: You're a dirty little slut with a poisonous tongue.
Shelley: I just want to go outside for 15 minutes in the sun. Please. I just want to feel the sun on my skin. I'll do anything.
Dr. Arthur Arden: No. Whores get nothing.
Shelley: Men like sex, no one calls *them* whores. I hate that word, it's so ugly! I'm into pleasure. Ever since I was five years old, and I slipped my fingers inside for the very first time. I could do it all day. My mother made me wear mittens to bed.
Dr. Arthur Arden: Because you're a little slut.
Shelley: No. Because she didn't understand me. So I ran away from home, met some jazz musicians, real freethinkers. I fell in love with the bass player. Big mistake. As soon as he put a ring on my finger, I was his property. He could screw every Betty in town and I had to stay home and scrub his dirty drawers. So come fleet week... he gets home and finds me in bed with two navy guys. And I told him, "It's not for self, but for country." He decked me flat out, threw me in the car and locked me in a nuthouse. And the sickest part is, they let him. Because I like sex. That's my crime.
Dr. Arthur Arden: Am I supposed to be moved by that pathetic tale of woe?
Shelley: Please. I'm just asking for five minutes in the sun. A little fresh air.
Dr. Arthur Arden: You make me sick. Whore.