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Quotes for
Kay (Character)
from Kiss Me Goodbye (1982)

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Kiss Me Goodbye (1982)
Kay Villano: Oh well pardon me, having a conversation with my DEAD HUSBAND happens to upset me a little bit!

Kay Villano: Everything goes. Everything goes. Except that chair!
Charlotte Banning: Kay, that ratty old chair? Don't be silly. Why would you want to keep THAT chair?
Kay Villano: DON'T TOUCH THAT CHAIR. My fiancé... was born in it.
Charlotte Banning: Rupert was born in a chair?
Kay Villano: Yes, it's the most lovely story. His mother was just sitting there, knitting, listening to the radio - and out popped my fiancé.
Jolly Villano: Darling, only you can see me. They can't see me.

Charlotte Banning: Was this always here?
Kay Villano: Was what always there?
Charlotte Banning: This wall, was it always here?
Kay Villano: Yes mother, it was always there.
Charlotte Banning: Well, I don't remember it.
Kay Villano: It was always there. It was always kind of flat like that and held the building up.
Charlotte Banning: Whatever.

Charlotte Banning: He's such a nerd!
Kay Villano: He's not a nerd! Where did you ever come up with that word?
Charlotte Banning: Oh, just came out of my lips when I met him! NERD! Just like that.

Billy: Your mother is driving me mad, Kay!
Kay Villano: Pretend she's your mother and ignore her.