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Michele Langford (Character)
from "Castle" (2009)

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"Castle: The Third Man (#2.14)" (2010)
Kate Beckett: Thank you for coming in, Miss Langford.
Michele Langford: [to Castle] By the way, that photo in the paper? Did you no justice. You're much better-looking in person.
Kate Beckett: There's a picture of you in the paper?
Michele Langford: So, are you the detective girlfriend?
Kate Beckett: I'm sorry, the what?
Michele Langford: He is such a catch.
Kate Beckett: [before Castle can say anything] Don't. Show me. Now.
[cut to them in the break room]
Kate Beckett: "Romantically involved"?
Richard Castle: "Rumored to be"!
Kate Beckett: What did you tell them?
Richard Castle: Nothing! Why would I do that? Do you have any idea what this does to my reputation?
Kate Beckett: Your reputation? What about my reputation?
Richard Castle: I am just as upset as you are! I'm on your team! This is shoddy journalism, and I am two seconds away from canceling my subscription.
[realizing something about the case]
Richard Castle: My subscription!

Kate Beckett: Are you sure you don't recognize him?
Michele Langford: Yeah, I'm positive.
Kate Beckett: And you don't know the Dysons?
Michele Langford: No. The only person that knew I was even out of town was my mother. Everyone else thought I was on sick leave. You won't... tell my boss that, will you?
Richard Castle: Did you notice anything unusual when you returned?
Michele Langford: [realization dawns on her] Oh, that totally explains it.
Richard Castle, Kate Beckett: What?
Michele Langford: My faucet. For weeks, I've been asking my super to fix my leaky faucet, but he never came. And then when I got back, it was fixed, so I just assumed that he finally did it; but then later when I saw him on the stairs, he didn't even know what I was talking about.
Richard Castle: The squatter fixed your sink?
Michele Langford: Yeah. And there was this bottle of, um... like, weird strawberry champagne in the fridge, and I just assumed that one of my friends had left it during a dinner party I had before I left. But... none of my friends would have bought such a...
Richard Castle: Cheap bottle of booze.
Michele Langford: Exactly.
Richard Castle: So he makes repairs, leaves hostess gifts. He's the gentleman squatter.
Kate Beckett: Who killed a man, so don't make him out to be the houseguest of the year.