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Lucinda (Character)
from "Chef!" (1993)

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"Chef!" (1993)
Lucinda: Everton, I'm the sous chef, do you know what that means?
Everton Stonehead: It means you're the second in command, sorta thing.
Lucinda: It means I'm the second in command in the finest restaurant in England. Now the head chef leaves me in charge for an hour and suddenly we're serving fricassee of used Elast-O-Plast! I hate you Everton. I want you to die.

"Chef!: Fame Is the Spur (#1.5)" (1993)
Lucinda: [quoting The Independent:] It was easy to see why the crayfish went into hiding. Any sane being finding themselves in Mr. Blackstock's kitchen would doubtless urgently seek means of escape. Being plunged into boiling water seemed the least terror that might be in store. Mr. Blackstock's impressive repertoire of luridly obscene expressions were nearly all new to me. A special BAFTA for "Best Swearing in a Documentary" should be minted at once.