Kenneth 'Lou' Shea
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Kenneth 'Lou' Shea (Character)
from "Rescue Me" (2004)

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"Rescue Me: Ashes (#7.9)" (2011)
[last lines]
Kenneth 'Lou' Shea: You know you're gonna have to get that fat kid as the new probie right? I mean, none of you assholes can cook. Looks like the kid knows his way around food. You know, you could have mentioned me by name out there. You're talking about heroes and brothers. Blah, blah, blah. Oh, and one more thing. You know, when you pick a photo of me for the plaque you know, in the firehouse? Can you find something that doesn't make me look so chinny? You know?
Tommy Gavin: Chinny?
Kenneth 'Lou' Shea: Yeah, get one from, you know, when I was younger and thinner.
Tommy Gavin: When would that be?
Kenneth 'Lou' Shea: Like freshman year in high school.
Tommy Gavin: Really?
Kenneth 'Lou' Shea: Yeah. I was a buck ten.
Tommy Gavin: Yeah, maybe at birth.
Kenneth 'Lou' Shea: You know, that's no way to talk to the dead. But I'm gonna let it slide since you named my godson Shea Gavin.
Tommy Gavin: Pretty cool?
Kenneth 'Lou' Shea: Very cool. Great name for a restaurant.
Tommy Gavin: Or a quarterback.
Kenneth 'Lou' Shea: I'm gonna go with restaurant. So, you gonna sit here staring at me all day or are we gonna drive some place?
Tommy Gavin: Right. Right yeah.
Kenneth 'Lou' Shea: Duncan Hines Cake Mix huh? Well, I guess that's kinda symbolic or ironic. Not quite sure which.

Kenneth 'Lou' Shea: Today we are gathered together here to honor five men. My men. My brothers. Five men who were given a choice to run. To flee for safe ground. To seek clean, fresh air or to move deeper, knowing the danger. Knowing that two young people, innocent kids were crying out for help. For my men to save them. We all know which choice they made. These men, these five extraordinary human beings will forever live in my heart and in the memory of all who knew them and in the public records of this great city as heroes. The bravest of the brave. I shed no tears. I cry out not in agony. I beseech the sky not in anger but with pride and a voice that is strong and clear. I am a better man and we are all better people for having known them. Goodnight my dear friends. My five unforgettable brothers. I shall see you on the other side.

"Rescue Me: Zombies (#3.6)" (2006)
Kenny Shea: [Looking at Garrity, who's passed out on a bench in the firehouse, to Franco and Mike] Sean of the dead.
[Wipes some spinach dip off Garrity's face and eats it]
Kenny Shea: Damn, that's good dip.

"Rescue Me: Twilight (#3.11)" (2006)
Tommy Gavin: Is she a Nun or not a Nun
Kenny Shea: She's a semi Nun
Tommy Gavin: What is she in the Nun National Guard? One week-end a month she become the bride of Christ?

"Rescue Me: Retards (#3.10)" (2006)
Kenny Shea: Rainman Retarded or Paris Hilton Retarded?

"Rescue Me: 344 (#7.6)" (2011)
Kenny Shea: I got news for you pal. You're already dead. And I am too. We're both walking dead men. We're zombies, Tom. Forget about 343. You add in all the other guys in all of the other houses, and all of the brain cells that we've killed, and all of the marriages that we've destroyed, all of the kids whose dad's have that blank stare on their face for the past decade, and all of those zombies still riding around on their rigs for ten years, Tom, ten years, trying to fill in the holes inside them. 343, that number ain't even close. So, do what you got to do, Tom. Go downtown, bury yourself in that hole, and make it official. Make it 344. Just for God sakes, just get it over with, Tom, so the rest of us can go back to leading our quiet little zombie lives.

"Rescue Me: Hell (#3.12)" (2006)
Funeral Director: [while looking at caskets for Johnny funeral] This is why it considered the Mercedes Benz of the caskets.
Kenny Shea: How Much?
Funeral Director: Fifteen Thousand.
Kenny Shea: And the cemetery fees, the cost of the embalment, the wake?
Funeral Director: I have to sit down in front of the computer?
Kenny Shea: Ball Park.
Funeral Director: About forty thousand dollars.
Kenny Shea: Jesus it be cheaper to buy a used Mercedes and put him in the trunk and drive him off the bridge. Tom what do you think?
Tommy Gavin: [pointing to a cheaper wooden casket] How much is this one?
Kenny Shea: The Honda Civic?
Funeral Director: Three thousand.
Kenny Shea: I think were gonna go with that one.