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Quotes for
Robin (Character)
from Greedy (1994)

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Greedy (1994)
[Daniel, angry, throws a bowling ball out a window]
Robin: You hit a car! You could've killed somebody!
Daniel McTeague: The way I bowl...

Robin: He seem nervous to you?
Wayne: Couldn't pull a pin out of his ass with a tractor.

Daniel McTeague: Oh, great. Now I'm impotent.
Robin: We just kissed for two seconds?
Daniel McTeague: No, it never takes me this long. Usually we're showering by now!

Robin: Danny, I love you and I believe in you. But isn't everything you're telling me a big crock of bubbling shit?

Robin: A young girl with a body like that.When she's through with him they'll be nothing left but a smile and an old hat.