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Captain Waggett (Character)
from Mad Little Island (1958)

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Whisky Galore (1949)
Farquharson: My men are experts.
Captain Paul Waggett: So are the Todday people, at hiding whisky!

Captain Paul Waggett: [Speaking about the islanders] They're so unsporting. They don't do things for the sake of doing them like the English. We play the game for the sake of the game. Other nations play the game for the sake of winning it.

Captain Paul Waggett: I want to speak to your son George.
Mrs Campbell: George is in his bedroom.
Captain Paul Waggett: Oh, not ill, I hope.
Mrs Campbell: He's locked in his bedroom with his Bible and some bread and cheese, and he'll not be out until tomorra' mornin'.
Captain Paul Waggett: I never heard of anything so preposterous!
Mrs Campbell: Did you ever hear of the Fourth Commandment?
Captain Paul Waggett: Of course, I have!
Mrs Campbell: Remember the...
Captain Paul Waggett: You needn't repeat it. I learned the Commandment years ago.
Mrs Campbell: More shame to you then that yeh should lead my son away from righteousness.
Captain Paul Waggett: Mrs. Campbell, at this very moment our troops are fighting in North Africa. The Germans don't stop fighting on Sunday, so how can we?
Mrs Campbell: What the Germans do, Mr. Waggett, is on their own conscience, and Toddy is not in North Africa, so there's no need to bring the heathens into it. I've been told that there are cannibals in Africa, but no one is going to persuade my son to eat human flesh.
Captain Paul Waggett: No one's asking your son to eat human flesh!
Mrs Campbell: Not yet!
Captain Paul Waggett: I insist on speaking to George himself!
Mrs Campbell: You could go down on your bended kness, amd I'll not let you speak to George!
Captain Paul Waggett: I certainly shall not do that!
Mrs Campbell: [Contemptuously] Hah!
[Turns and closes the door]