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Christine (Character)
from "ER" (1994)

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"ER: Abby Normal (#10.20)" (2004)
Stanley: Hey, hey, who is he?
George Deakins: We met last week.
Stanley: No.
Lloyd: I don't remember.
George Deakins: I sat right there.
Christine: We don't remember you!
Abby Lockhart: George was referred by the ER. He has a problem with...
George Deakins: Exhibitionism.
Bob: Let's see it!

Abby Lockhart: Where's Larry?
[nobody answers]
Abby Lockhart: Hello? Larry Jacobson, sad guy... talks about death a lot?
Stanley: That ain't just talk.
Abby Lockhart: What?
Lloyd: He killed himself.
Stanley: He took a bunch of pills, drank a bottle of gin, slit his wrists, and jumped into Lake Michigan.
Christine: Larry *really* wanted to be dead.
Abby Lockhart: Oh... man! I... I'm...
Estelle: Don't worry dear, you're really very good at this.
Lloyd: Yeah, everybody loves your sessions.
Stanley: Yeah... everybody, except Larry.