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Dominic Palladino (Character)
from "The Sopranos" (1999)

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"The Sopranos: The Strong, Silent Type (#4.10)" (2002)
[at Christopher's intervention]
Dominic Palladino: Paul, you wanna read your statement?
Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri: I don't write nothin' down, so I'll keep this short and sweet. You're weak. You're outta control. And you've become an embarrassment to yourself and everybody else.

Dominic Palladino: [During Christopher's intervention] Christopher, this won't be easy for any of us I want you to know we're here today because we care about you all we ask is that you listen
Christopher Moltisanti: [to Adriana] was this your idea?
Dominic Palladino: [to Adriana] would you like to begin?
Adriana La Cerva: [to Christopher] I love you very much, my only dream is that we have a happy life together for the last few months things have gotten very bad because you're using drugs all the time, your high all the time and I can't take it
Dominic Palladino: [to Adriana] be specific.
Adriana La Cerva: When we first started going out we made love all the time now because of the drugs...
Christopher Moltisanti: Jesus, is this fucking necessary?
Dominic Palladino: [to Adriana] go ahead
Adriana La Cerva: You can no longer function as a man, last week when I came and found you killed our dog that was the final straw
Christopher Moltisanti: [Referring to the dog] I fell asleep, she got suffocated
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: You killed little Cosette, I ought to suffocate you, you little prick
Dominic Palladino: Tony, we're going in order
Christopher Moltisanti: [after Silvio reads his statement] I told you I had the flu, I can't even defend myself now?
Dominic Palladino: No one's attacking you
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: Look, it doesn't change anything but I can verify he was sick for a little while, still this thing with the dog, how could you not see it on the chair?
Dominic Palladino: You're getting emotional tony
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: That's because I know what it's like to lose a pet!
Carmela Soprano: I happen to know you were high at my mother in law's wake, you were talking nonstop for twenty minutes, nothing but gibberish
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: [Shaking his head in disappointment] my mother's wake, Jesus Christ
Dominic Palladino: [after Paulie reads his statement] whoa, guys we said "non-judgmental"
Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri: Fuck that, let him take his medicine
Christopher Moltisanti: Seriously Paulie, you want to talk about "being up"?
Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri: Watch it Chrissy
Christopher Moltisanti: What? I thought we're honest here, you got some balls you know that? All of you, you want to talk about "self-control", how about you Sil? Fucking every slut you got working for you when you got a wife and kid at home how about you Paulie? You remember last year in the woods with the Russian guy?
Anthony 'Tony' Soprano Sr.: Christopher I am fucking warning you!