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Cimarron (Character)
from "The Cowboys" (1974)

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The Cowboys (1972)
Cimarron: They didn't even dig him a decent grave.
Wil Andersen: Well, it's not how you're buried, it's how you're remembered.

Mrs. Kate Collingwood: Where's your head man?
Cimarron: That's Mr. Andersen, he's over at Ft. Smith.
Mrs. Kate Collingwood: Alright, then. What's your name?
Cimarron: They call me Cimarron.
Mrs. Kate Collingwood: I'm Kate, to my friends. Ha-ha. And who's the one with the pretty pink blush?
Cimarron: This here's Homer.
Mrs. Kate Collingwood: Hello, Homer.
Homer Weems - Cowboy: Ma'am.
Mrs. Kate Collingwood: How many men you got in your outfit, Cimarron?
Cimarron: Well, if you're going by age, we got, eh, two that's 15.
Mrs. Kate Collingwood: My, god.
[Kate's troop of ladies giggle]
Cimarron: If you're going by what we can do, there's 11 of us!
Mrs. Kate Collingwood: No offense. In this kind of country, a poor helpless woman likes to know if there are any men around. I mean, men who can take care of us, as we, go along our way.
Cimarron: Well, we're gettin' paid a man's wages.
Mrs. Kate Collingwood: And you look man enough to earn them, too, Cimarron.