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Quotes for
Ford Cruller (Character)
from Psychonauts (2005) (VG)

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Psychonauts (2005) (VG)
Ford Cruller: Aw, poor little thing.
Raz: That poor little thing just tried to kill me about eight different ways!
Ford Cruller: Well that's not it's fault. This was once just a normal sized lungfish, minding it's own business in a mucus lined air bubble beneath a semi dry lake bed. But judging by the work done on it I suspect Maury has mutated it, accelerated it's growth, and has placed an implant in it's brain to make it do his evil bidding.
Raz: Aw, poor little thing.

Ford Cruller: If you ever want to make me appear, you can do it with this special device.
Raz: Is that... a piece of bacon?
Ford Cruller: Oh yeah I just love bacon. I smell that stuff and I can't help it. I drop everything and come runnin'.
Raz: Ok... do you have like, a little baggie or something I can put this in?
Ford Cruller: Now you get a move on or I'll eat that right here.