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Byamba (Character)
from "Marco Polo" (2014)

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"Marco Polo: The Scholar's Pen (#1.7)" (2014)
Khutulun: [wrestling] You're not the butterfly I expected.
Byamba: And you are not the lioness.

Byamba: War is easy. The waiting will kill you.

Khutulun: I would never sever you from your blade.
Byamba: You needn't sacrifice one for the other.
Khutulun: The other?
Byamba: We are warriors.
Khutulun: Yes.
Byamba: Battle me.
[they kiss]

"Marco Polo: Whitehorse (#2.8)" (2016)
[first lines]
Byamba: [waking Niccolò in the forest] Quiet.
Marco Polo: Expecting the Khan? I'll reunite you soon enough.

[last lines]
Niccolò Polo: The Mongols are destined to be little more than a vague memory in history. Whereas you? You could be hailed as a hero for generations to come.
Marco Polo: Dressed in chainmail and a Crusader cross?
Niccolò Polo: Why not? This is God's will, Marco. What are the chances we'd find each other here without a divine hand guiding us?
Marco Polo: You assembled an army in the backyard of my Khan.
Niccolò Polo: Your Khan? Such loyalty. Until a time of his choosing, and then he'll grind your bones to dust.
Niccolò Polo: I know it's hard for you to believe but should you change your mind, come and find me.
Marco Polo: You speak as though I'm letting you go. I cannot.
Byamba: [summoning] Marco!
[they observe troops coming in the night]

"Marco Polo: Rendering (#1.8)" (2014)
Khutulun: What tactics do you devise?
Byamba: We ride as one tumen along the bank. When the archer fires a whistler, we disband.
Khutulun: "Wolf and crow."
Byamba: I take wolf, you take crow.
Khutulun: Because you bested me? You think you will always ride wolf - make me ride crow.
Byamba: I ride wolf because I have more lancers. You have archers from the steppe.
Khutulun: [suddenly kisses him]
Byamba: This is my father's tent.
Khutulun: [passionately they fall to the floor together] I don't care.
Prince Jingim: [walks in unexpectedly] Do you strategize for the coming assault? "Wolf rides crow?"

[last lines]
Prince Jingim: We advanced, slaughtering every rebel who crossed our path. We reached the wall and pushed towards the weakness, the one the Latin described. We breached the wall with little more than battering rams. But our men were wedged into a dead end. Death rained down upon us. Oil, fire, arrows. Men died. Mongols died, because Master Marco pointed our army into a trap.
Marco Polo: [on his knees] It was bait, Sire, the weakness in the wall. Jia Sidao drew us into a trap. I am sorry, Great Khan
Prince Jingim: Why do you feign contrition, Latin? Why are you not at the breast of your master, Jia Sidao? Huh? You delivered us to the devil! You betrayed us! You brought us to our knees at the wall!
Prince Jingim: Father he has brought us nothing but ruin. You can see it. You can all see it!
Marco Polo: I devote myself to you, Great Khan.
Prince Jingim: [drawing his sword] Enough of your twisted talk! You would protect him?
Byamba: [deflects Jingim's sword]
Prince Jingim: He is not one of us, brother! He is the rot within our bones.
Byamba: He reported what he saw as he was asked to do.
Prince Jingim: Father what shall we do?
Kublai Khan: Retreat.

"Marco Polo: Lost Crane (#2.7)" (2016)
[last lines]
Byamba: [observing camp from the wood line] Black powder. I tracked those barrels all the way from Quinsai.
Marco Polo: Nayan.
Byamba: Kaidu.

"Marco Polo: White Moon (#1.6)" (2014)
Prince Jingim: Good New Year to you, brother.
Byamba: I worry when you call me brother instead of bastard. It precedes a request.
Prince Jingim: [chuckles] I need not request. I order.
Byamba: I await your command, Jingim Khan...

"Marco Polo: The Heavenly and Primal (#1.10)" (2014)
Marco Polo: Kaidu did not ride with the Khan. If we lose tomorrow, he will become Khan.
Byamba: Of what? There will be nothing left to rule when Chinese loyalty returns to Jia Sidao. In truth, I fear what may happen should we win.

"Marco Polo: Hashshashin (#1.5)" (2014)
Byamba: The army respects you. You attacked at Wuchang against greater numbers.
Prince Jingim: And I failed.
Byamba: But only while daring greatly. You advanced on a larger army as Genghis would. Soldiers understand losing is part of the journey, so long as their leader does not believe it the destination.

"Marco Polo: Hunter and the Sable Weaver (#2.1)" (2016)
Byamba: [meeting Kaidu with flies buzzing around severed heads] My father accepts.

"Marco Polo: Feast (#1.3)" (2014)
Kaidu: Tell us, Marco, do your feasts compare to this?
Marco Polo: They are different.
Byamba: Here, we eat the pig. In Venice, they dance with it.

"Marco Polo: Let God's Work Begin (#2.4)" (2016)
Khutulun: What if I were heir to the Mongol throne? What if I ascended one day? Are you man enough to support me?
Byamba: Would you do it for me?
Khutulun: I don't have to answer that. Because you will never be Khan.
Byamba: And I will never marry one either.