Sheriff Walt Longmire
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Sheriff Walt Longmire (Character)
from "Longmire" (2012)

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"Longmire: Pilot (#1.1)" (2012)
Omar: What happened to your hand?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Hurt it.

Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: What the hell happened to your truck? And your hand. You hurt your hand.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: You're right. You should consider a career in law enforcement.

Cady Longmire: What happened to your hand?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I hurt it.

Sheriff Walt Longmire: Vic, give me those pants.
Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: If I had a dime for every time a man said that to me.

Susan Parkford: Grant had a daughter?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Your husband was just a man. We're all idiots. We make mistakes and we don't like people knowing about our mistakes. But Grant was one of the good ones. He was trying to make things right, and he was trying to do it without hurting you. Mrs. Parkford, I swear I'm gonna find out who did this to your husband.

Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: Walt, whatcha doing?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Thinking. I do that sometimes before I talk.

Dan Estes: I did, all right? Now call me an ambulance
Sheriff Walt Longmire: And Lilly? Grant's daughter? Tell me where Lilly is.If not, I bury you here.
Dan Estes: Okay. Okay. Montana. Talmer Ridge, off Route 43. Where are you going, Walt? Walt? Call me an ambulance!
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I don't have a cell phone.

"Longmire: A Good Death Is Hard to Find (#2.12)" (2013)
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Lizzie, there's nothin' goin' on between me and Vic. Nothin'.
Lizzie Ambrose: Oh, Walt, of course there is. You're just too afraid to admit it.

Sheriff Walt Longmire: You've been exposing your Queen, hoping I'll rush in and get myself trapped.
Lucian Connally: The Queen's Gambit. I guess not everyone's gonna fall for it.

Sheriff Walt Longmire: Achilles was a warrior. He had a partner, a fellow warrior. A friend. There's no greater enemy than the mortal enemy of a friend.
Ed Gorski: I would not disagree with that.

Sheriff Walt Longmire: We men are wretched things.
Ed Gorski: We are? Ha. Says who?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Achilles. About 3,000 years ago. You read the Iliad?
Ed Gorski: I'm familiar with the classics.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: But have you read it, Ed? Interpretations vary. I think it's a poem about a man's destructive rage. Achilles was a warrior. He had a partner, a fellow warrior. A friend. There is no greater enemy than the mortal enemy of a friend.
Ed Gorski: I would not disagree with that.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: So Achilles confronted his friend's great enemy. Achilles gave the man one warning. There is no weapon, no army that could protect this enemy from the sheer hell that is Achilles' rage.
Ed Gorski: And what happened to this enemy?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Achilles ran his sword through the man's guts, dragged his dead body around the town.
Ed Gorski: So, could this enemy have done anything otherwise?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: He could have got out of town while he still had the chance.

Sheriff Walt Longmire: Lucien, we need to talk.
Lucian Connally: Good, cause this here boy's a few iambs short of a full pentameter anyway,

"Longmire: Unquiet Mind (#2.1)" (2013)
Sheriff Walt Longmire: [Speaking of the American bison blocking the road] I think he's guarding something.
Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: [Speaking of the calf crossing the road] How common is that, Walt, a white buffalo?
Wayne: About one in every 10 million births.
Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: It speaks.
Wayne: It's a sign. Right, Sheriff?

Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: So you're gonna go after a snowcat? On foot?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: If I was a hostage, I'd want to know someone was coming to help.

Branch Connally: [Asking Henry about the health status of Sheriff Longmire] Is he dead?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: [Last lines] Not yet.

Wayne: I've been watching you. You don't say much, but you have an unquiet mind. You understand? You hear them, too, don't you? The voices.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Have a nice trip.

Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: Well, how much longer till we get to the drop-off point?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Depends.
Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: Oh what?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Traffic.
[pulls up to a bison in the middle of the road]
Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: Get out of the damn road!
[Opens door]
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Vic, wait in the...
[Bison rams truck]
Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: Shit!
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Best to wait in the truck.
Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: Got it.

"Longmire: Unfinished Business (#1.10)" (2012)
Sheriff Walt Longmire: [Walt has come out of his ranch house to intercept Vic. Lizzie comes out onto the porch in her bare feet, having obviously spent the night, as Ferg arrives, then Lizzie returns inside] Anybody... 'ts got something they want to say... I suggest yuh think twice about it

Sheriff Walt Longmire: Let's cut the bullshit. One punch, you knock me over, I retire tomorrow.
Branch Connally: Best idea you've had - ever.

[last lines]
Detective Fales: Did you drive down to Denver last year to hunt down and kill the man who stabbed your wife?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: No.

"Longmire: Death Came in Like Thunder (#2.3)" (2013)
Sal Vayas: You ever hear of Guernica, Sheriff?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Yep. It's a Basque down in Spain. Hitler bombed it, Picasso made a painting about it, and Marko had a copy of it in his house.

Sheriff Walt Longmire: [Speaking to Henry] Detective Fales is investigating you.

Sheriff Walt Longmire: I can tell you've got something else you wanna say.
Henry Standing Bear: Only after you put down the axe.

"Longmire: 8 Seconds (#1.7)" (2012)
Bob Barnes: [as Vic is driving away] I had no idea she even had a husband.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: We all got our little secrets, Bob.

Henry Standing Bear: Most everything people learned about Little Bighorn is fiction.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.

Sheriff Walt Longmire: Pointing to a Hot Shot on the bar. I need you to shock me.
Henry Standing Bear: What?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I need you to use that Hot-Shot on me.
Henry Standing Bear: No.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: It's important.
Henry Standing Bear: It is insane. Stop it.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Stop what? I'm just trying to solve a crime.
Henry Standing Bear: No. You are punishing yourself.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: No, I'm not.
Henry Standing Bear: Walt You are alive, she is not. That sucks but it is what it is.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I hate that phrase. Don't use that with me again.
Henry Standing Bear: It is what it is. Of course you hate the phrase. It means you are powerless. But my friend, it is what it is.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Stop it.
Henry Standing Bear: It is what it is.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I'm serious.
Henry Standing Bear: I know. You are so very serious. You used to be fun. Sort of.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: You used to be not such a sanctimonious, self-important, judgmental prick.

"Longmire: Bad Medicine (#2.13)" (2013)
Sheriff Walt Longmire: [Speaking of David Ridges] I don't have years. I need to know how this man is connected to Cady's accident.
Henry Standing Bear: Well, if I were you, I would proceed with caution. All this bad medicine, whether you believe in it or not, tends to attract some dangerous types.

Sheriff Walt Longmire: [Speaking to Henry Standing Bear and pointing to Hector] So, if it wasn't you, and it wasn't him, who killed that meth head?

Sheriff Walt Longmire: [Speaking to Det. Fales] Why are you working so hard to find Miller Beck's killer when your department could hardly be bothered to find my wife's killer?

"Longmire: The Worst Kind of Hunter (#1.6)" (2012)
Omar: Well, I'll make you a deal. I'll help you track this bear, but you got to lend me one of your deputies.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Let me guess. It's not Ferg.
Omar: No. I want that feisty Italian.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Careful what you wish for.

Sheriff Walt Longmire: You think that seeing your daughter's murderer will help the anger go away? I can tell you from personal experience it won't. Only time can do that.
Donna Craig: Really? 'Cause the first 20 years haven't made much of a dent.

"Longmire: Down by the River (#4.1)" (2015)
Jacob Nighthorse: So what are you two doing here?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Customs. Anything to declare?
Jacob Nighthorse: Nope.
Henry Standing Bear: OK, then. Our work here is done.

Sheriff Walt Longmire: You're messing up my crime scene.
Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: The river already did that.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: You okay?
Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: I did it again.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: What?
Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: Another man is dead because of me. I'm toxic. You should just stay away from me 'cause I'm bad for people. And really bad for possums.Or is it opossum? Possum, opossum. I don't even know. Doesn't matter. He's dead.

"Longmire: An Incredibly Beautiful Thing (#1.8)" (2012)
Sheriff Walt Longmire: [Speaking to Henry] When's the last time you tracked someone?

Branch Connally: [Holding his cellphone] Ferg wants to talk to you. You know, it'd be a lot easier if you got a cellphone of your own.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: [Taking the cellphone] I don't need one. What's up, Ferg?

"Longmire: Dog Soldier (#1.5)" (2012)
Sheriff Walt Longmire: The boys said it wasn't him. They say the Dog Soldier abducted 'em. The Cheyenne believe in a- avenging warrior spirit, can take on any form- animal, human.
Crystal Shoemaker: And you believe that?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I believe in transformation. I believe we become vessels, of forces we cannot control, or understand. When you drove over Ryan Shank- Maybe it was the spirit of the Dog Soldier that guided you. Perhaps that spirit guided me, once upon a time as well. So, congratulations. Without your confession we have no case against you. The Dog Soldier knows what you've done Crystal- And when he comes for you- I'm just a phone call, and twenty minute drive away.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I'll come as fast as I can.

Sheriff Walt Longmire: [Speaking to his staff in the office] Sometimes the best way to catch the killer is to make them think they're free.

"Longmire: Sound and Fury (#2.7)" (2013)
Henry Standing Bear: [after Walt shoots the kidnapper, freeing Henry] Nice shot.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Well, I couldn't let him take my truck.

Henry Standing Bear: It is a beautiful day at The Red Pony and continual soirée. This is Henry. Hello?
Deena: I'm here, Standing Bear. Guess what I'm not wearing.
Henry Standing Bear: Deena, I cannot do this right now. The police are recording this call.
Deena: Of course they are, because what I want you to do to me is against the law.
Henry Standing Bear: Deena, seriously, I will call you back later.
[Hangs up]
The Ferg: Well, at least we know the equipment works.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Yeah.

"Longmire: Tell It Slant (#2.6)" (2013)
Henry Standing Bear: [Speaking of Aaron Two Rivers, the Heyoka wannabe] You can never tell when he is telling the truth.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: He's just like everybody else, then. At least he's up front about it.

Sheriff Walt Longmire: I need to find her brother, Aaron.
Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: Why?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: He rode past my cabin this morning. Seems strange to have your tribe's contrary warrior living in an abandoned building.
Henry Standing Bear: It would be strange, especially since the last actual contrary warrior died in 1974.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: What does that make Aaron?
Henry Standing Bear: A pest... with pretensions

"Longmire: Election Day (#2.10)" (2013)
Sheriff Walt Longmire: [Speaking to Henry Standing Bear] I need to set things straight with the world, with myself, with Cady. I've been selfish. I have to make a sacrifice.

Henry Standing Bear: This wasn't an accident. This is because of me. I found Bob Barnes in here yesterday morning... Drunk. I told him to call someone to come pick him up. I... I keep thinking... what if I had driven him home myself? If I had just...
Sheriff Walt Longmire: This isn't about any of that, Henry. This is our fault. You don't do what we did in Denver without there being consequences. I need to make things right.
Henry Standing Bear: You cannot confess to a crime you did not commit.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I'm not talking about confessing. I need to set things straight with the world. With myself. With Cady. I've been selfish. I have to make a sacrifice.
Henry Standing Bear: What are you saying?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I need eagle feathers. I need your blessing to do something a white man is not supposed to do.
Henry Standing Bear: No.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I need to do this, Henry. There's nothing else I can do.

"Longmire: Party's Over (#2.5)" (2013)
Cady Longmire: You know, you were right about how I'd feel once I knew the truth about mom.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: You want to talk about it?
Cady Longmire: Eventually.

Henry Standing Bear: Go ahead. Say it.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: What are you talking about?
Henry Standing Bear: Deena.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Henry, please. Deena's great. And you know what they say, uh... fifth time's the charm. You buy a ring this time, or maybe another piano?
Henry Standing Bear: She wanted to take lessons!

"Longmire: The Cancer (#1.4)" (2012)
Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: You do realize she was flirting with you, right?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: She fainted.
Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: It's a classic first move.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I think you're reading too much into it, Vic.

Sheriff Walt Longmire: You know I remember when I could count the number of murders in this county on one hand, two at most. Now I got a multi-billion dollar drug cartel right in my back yard.
Henry Standing Bear: [Raising a drink] To progress.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: It's a cancer, Henry. You know the thing about cancer? By the time you find it, it's often too late.

"Longmire: A Damn Shame (#1.3)" (2012)
Fireman: Sheriff, at least wear my hat.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: [Entering the smoldering barn] No. thanks. I got one.

The Ferg: [while submitting his badge] I know I was a favor. I only got hired 'cause you were helping out my dad. I'm just, I'm just not cut out for this.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Ferg, I hired you for two reasons. Yes, one was a favor to your father.
The Ferg: And the other?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I'm still waiting to find out. Pick up your badge, Deputy.

"Longmire: Tuscan Red (#2.9)" (2013)
Sheriff Walt Longmire: You have no issue with your son failing you?
Mancell Lone Elk: Ethan didn't fail me. I failed him.

"Longmire: Carcasses (#2.2)" (2013)
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Holly, did you kill Ross Lanten?
Holly Whitish: No, but I know who did.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: [Showing her a picture of Greg Collette] Was this the man?
Holly Whitish: No. It was God. I prayed so hard for Ross Lanten to be punished for what he did, and all these years I just thought that God was ignoring me. But He wasn't. I guess He just had other people's prayers to answer first.

"Longmire: Of Children and Travelers (#3.2)" (2014)
Bar Customer: Hey, boss. Uh, a dry Rob Roy for me and a Caramel Appletini for the girlfriend here.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: [Hands him 2 beers] Here you go. Five bucks.
Bar Customer: This, uh...
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Five bucks.
Bar Customer: Perfect. Thanks
Sheriff Walt Longmire: [Answers ringing phone] Uh, beautiful day. Red Pony.

"Longmire: Dogs, Horses and Indians (#1.9)" (2012)
Victoria 'Vic' Moretti: [Speaking of personal problems] I know this sucks but you can't let it get to you.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Nothing gets to me.

"Longmire: Wanted Man (#3.5)" (2014)
Lucian Connally: [Both aiming at a fleeing car] Windshield?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Tires.
Lucian Connally: Softie.

"Longmire: What Happens on the Rez... (#4.10)" (2015)
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Somebody just killed a man down there. Saved my life. Gab's, too.
Crow Medicine Woman: Good deal.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Yeah. I suppose it is.
Crow Medicine Woman: Are you gonna go after her?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: There's no point. If she's a hawk, that's outside my jurisdiction.

"Longmire: Natural Order (#2.11)" (2013)
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I gotta let a lot of things go. Maybe I'm just starting to mellow.
Cady Longmire: I should get hit by a car more often.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: No. Once was enough.

"Longmire: Highway Robbery (#4.7)" (2015)
Sheriff Walt Longmire: So
[clears throat]
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I'm sorry that I accused you of drug trafficking. It's just, you know, there were stolen drugs at your church meeting, same drugs that I saw here, and, uh, well, you can see how that looked.
Dr. Donna Sue Monaghan: So, you're sorry but not really.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I'm sorry. Completely. You didn't deserve that, especially given all the good you do.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Okay. Thank you, Sheriff.
[Walt stands in silence, staring at Dr. Monaghan]
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Do you want an apology receipt or something?

"Longmire: Ashes to Ashes (#3.10)" (2014)
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Thank God you're here!
Cop: Who are you?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Sheriff of Absaroka County, Wyoming. I've been chasing this guy for weeks.
Cop: We got a call from a monitoring company. One of their guys skipped parole.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Henry Standing Bear. This is him. This guy's been robbing graves all over my county for weeks. Couldn't catch him in the act though.
Cop: Why does he have two shovels?
Sheriff Walt Longmire: I just asked this smart-ass the same question. Know what he said?
Cop: No.
Sheriff Walt Longmire: Tell him what you said.
Henry Standing Bear: [Henry looks at Walt in disbelief that he has to make up an answer] In case one of them breaks.