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Quotes for
Roy (Character)
from Slappy and the Stinkers (1998)

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Slappy and the Stinkers (1998)
Roy: [after seeing Slappy] That is one big gopher. His mom must have been messing around with a seal.

[Mr. Brinway is being chased by the leaf blower]
Roy: Hit the deck, Mr. Brinway!
Witz: Look at that. Mr. Brinway runs just like Scooby-Doo.
[the Stinkers laugh]
Roy: Hop on, Mr Brinway! Hop on!
[Mr. Brinway leaps onto the the side of Roy's lawn mower]
Morgan Brinway: What is that thing?
Roy: I dunno, Mr. Brinway. But I think it's headed straight for your new Jag.
Morgan Brinway: [realizing that the leaf blower is heading straight for his new car] No, not the XJS!
Roy: Don't worry, Mr. Brinway!
Morgan Brinway: No, no!
[Roy accelerates the lawn mower by riding it like a motorcycle while popping a wheelie]

[as the leaf blower is flying in close to his car]
Morgan Brinway: [to himself] Please, take me! Don't take the Jag!
[the leaf blower stops as it flies close to the grille]
Roy: You can come out now, Mr. Brinway.
[Mr. Brinway opens the door and realizes that a hedge cutter on Roy's lawn mower is cutting through the driver door]
Roy: Oh, the hedger's still on.
[Roy turns off the hedger]
Roy: Okay, its off now. You can come out now, Mr. Brinway.
[the camera zooms out to reveal the hole that Roy's hedger cut by accident]