Benno Levin
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Benno Levin (Character)
from Cosmopolis (2012)

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Cosmopolis (2012)
Benno Levin: I wanna be known as Benno!

Eric Packer: Richard.
Benno Levin: [shouting] I wanna be known as Benno!

Benno Levin: [unseen and shouting] Eric Michael Packer!

[last lines]
Benno Levin: I want you to heal me, save me. I wanted you to save me.

Eric Packer: Holes are interesting. There are books about holes.
Benno Levin: There are books about... shit.

Eric Packer: Right! Why am I here?
Benno Levin: You have to tell me. Some kind of unexpected failure. Shocked with self esteem.

Eric Packer: How old are you? I'm interested.
Benno Levin: Do you think people like me can't happen?
Eric Packer: How old?
Benno Levin: We happen... 41.
Eric Packer: A prime number.
Benno Levin: But not an interesting one.

Benno Levin: You try to predict movements by drawing on patterns in nature. Yes, of course, the mathematical properties of tree rings, sunflower seeds, the limbs of galactic spirals. I learned this. I loved the cross harmonies between nature and data. You taught me this. You made this form of analysis horribly and sadistically precise. But you forgot something along the way.
Eric Packer: What?
Benno Levin: The importance of the lopsided. The thing that's skewed a little. You were looking for balance - beautiful balance, equals parts, equal sides, I know this. I know you.

Benno Levin: You are foully and berserkly rich.

Benno Levin: You want me to be a helpless robot soldier, and all I could be was helpless.