Father Tucker
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Father Tucker (Character)
from Grace of Monaco (2014)

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Grace of Monaco (2014)
Grace: Do you believe in fairytales, Tuck?
Francis Tucker: No, I believe in "happily ever after."

Francis Tucker: Rai, come along, just talk to the woman. You're nothing but silent and angry.
Prince Rainier: I don't know how, I don't know how to speak to her. You know I've never been good at this sort of thing.
Francis Tucker: She's your wife.
Prince Rainier: Well, that was your idea.

Francis Tucker: You belong here.
Grace: [panicking] I can't do this without you.
Francis Tucker: If your family is to survive, you need to give them an ideal they can protect. And you need to do it alone.

Francis Tucker: [in a letter] Long after I'm gone, long after the House of Grenaldie has fallen, the world is going to remember your name, your Highness. You are the fairytale, the serenity to which we all aspire. And peace will come when you embrace the roles you have been destined to play: devoted mother, loyal wife, compassionate leader. Up against a task larger than yourself, you will overcome your fears. Those that preceded you will be forgotten. Those that follow you will be inspired by your strength and endurance. For no matter where you are in years to come, they will continue to whisper your name, the Princess Grace.