Margaret Suckley
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Margaret Suckley (Character)
from Warm Springs (2005) (TV)

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Hyde Park on Hudson (2012)
[first lines]
Daisy: Back then - this is years ago - I couldn't afford secrets. I just had chores. As a child growing up, we had been rich. And then, well, we weren't. And like most people during the Depression, I now lived each day as it came no longer expecting anything. Waiting. For nothing. And then...

Daisy: In a time, not so very long ago, when the world still allowed itself secrets, Franklin Roosevelt was mine.

Daisy: And no more promises were made so none could be broken.

Daisy: [watching FDR and Eleanor, voice over] People said their marriage was troubled and unhappy. That they lived mostly separate lives. But I never saw that. That's not how they seemed when they were together.

Daisy: [voice over] Mary, we all knew, was one of Mother's spies. Mother had her spies, too.

Daisy: [after the king eats a hot dog, voice over] And like that, we felt America and England were back on the road to being *very* good friends. At least, I'm told that's how some people took it.