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Quotes for
Daisy Robson (Character)
from Girltrash! (2007) (V)

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Girltrash! (2007) (V)
Daisy: You can kiss my ass sideways, cos if you hadn't done the horizontal hustle with his wife, we wouldn't even be in this friggin' situation.

[repeated line]
Daisy, Tyler Murphy: Fucking LouAnne!

Valentine: [pointing a gun at Tyler] You fucked my wife.
Tyler Murphy: And I kinda prefer the term making sweet love.
Daisy: Wow, she screwed you both, fucking LouAnne, huh?
Valentine: Watch your mouth, you don't know her.
Daisy: Uhhh... Dude, everybody knows her.

LouAnne Dubois: Some people want me dead.
Daisy: Oh, surprise fucking surprise.
LouAnne Dubois: And I want you to kill them before they kill me.
Tyler Murphy: We don't kill people.
LouAnne Dubois: You've killed plenty of people.
Daisy: Yea well, we don't do that anymore. New year's reservation.
Tyler Murphy: Resolution.
Daisy: If you... I swear to god.

LouAnne Dubois: The people who want to kill me want to kill you too.
Daisy: Oh really? Why is that?
LouAnne Dubois: Because I stole money from them, but then told them it was you that stole the money.
Daisy: Well that wasn't... super nice of you.
LouAnne Dubois: Nice people are poor.

Daisy: [talking about LouAnne] She's trouble with a capital T that rhymes with P that stands for pussy.

LouAnne Dubois: I'm LouAnne.
Daisy: I'm outta here.

Tyler Murphy: [about LouAnne] I really thought we had something.
Daisy: [withering glance] You did. You had chlamydia.

Daisy: [about LouAnne] You know what the big difference is between us and her? She knows how to survive. When the big fuckin' nuke comes down, the only things gonna be left living are the cockroaches and fuckin' LouAnne.