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Patrick Hill (Character)
from "In Plain Sight" (2008)

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"In Plain Sight: Death Becomes Her (#3.9)" (2010)
Patrick Hill: What's the problem?
Marshall Mann: You called someone in Houston from your landline.
Patrick Hill: I did?
Marshall Mann: You called a florist. Did the flowers you sent include a note with your name?
Patrick Hill: Um...
Marshall Mann: What about payment? Is there a credit card out there that someone could trace?
Patrick Hill: Uh, let me think.
Marshall Mann: You have to tell me the truth, Patrick. I can't do a full threat assessment without all the details.
Patrick Hill: I know. I know.
Marshall Mann: Patrick, you're hiding something, and I think it has to do with your friend in there. The one with the strong Texas accent. Do you know him from your previous life?
Patrick Hill: Yes.
Marshall Mann: That's extremely bad. How long has he been in Albuquerque?
Patrick Hill: Since I got here.
Marshall Mann: That's, wow... even worse. Bob, can I speak to you a moment? I say this without bias or accusation, but am I correct in surmising that you two are a couple? And for some reason, you want that to be a secret?
Bob Draper: I don't. I never did. Did I? I've been saying from day one...
Patrick Hill: I just want to keep my private life private.
Bob Draper: Please. Look, I wanted to send my mother flowers for her birthday. I forgot the rule about the phone.
Marshall Mann: That's because the rules were never explained to you, because you're not actually supposed to be here. Sorry. All right. Look, this is not about sexual orientation. The program recognizes domestic partnerships. What it doesn't recognize is the right to bring someone along in secret. And by the way, Bob, you've been here since day one? I've checked this place a thousand times. Are you two sharing clothing and toiletries?
Bob Draper: I live across the courtyard, in my own place. God forbid we live together openly.
Patrick Hill: Can we not start? For once?
Bob Draper: Oh, please. We're way past "start" here, Patrick.
Patrick Hill: Look, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have mislead you. I should have told you about us. But, I... I just couldn't. My family, they'd never understand.
Marshall Mann: Patrick, I don't mean to be glib, but if ever there was an opportunity to let go of what your family thinks, it's in Witness Protection, where you will never see them again.