Dave Hodgman
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Dave Hodgman (Character)
from The First Time (2012/I)

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The First Time (2012/I)
Dave Hodgman: Jane, Janie, Lately I've been feeling like there's so much noise, ya know? uh so much static. all these voices competing for attention. teachers, parents, magazines. what's in, what's out, who's cool, who's not cool enough... and it's like all this shit gets so loud I feel like I cant even hear myself think. I just want to get in my car and drive... but then I see you, I see you across the hall leaning against your locker... in that jacket that you love so much... and the way you tuck your hair back behind your ears... then you see me and you smile but just smile and it's like, it's like all that noise fades away ya know... and then the only thing I can hear is the sound of your voice when you call out my name.

Aubrey Miller: Have you had sex yet?
Dave Hodgman: Honestly?
Aubrey Miller: No, lie to me.

Aubrey Miller: I'm sorry.
Dave Hodgman: You kidding me? Don't be. Never, you never have to apologize to me.
[they hug]
Aubrey Miller: I don't know why I'm... shit.

Ronny: Just mind your business, Dan!
Dave Hodgman: Okay, you know what I think? I think you know my name is actually Dave. Kind of like how I know yours is actually Dick.
[Ronny shoves Dave and he hits his head off a table]

Aubrey Miller: You're ridiculous.
Dave Hodgman: Well, deal with it.

Dave Hodgman: You dig me.

Jane Harmon: Well, I don't care about that kind of stuff any more. I am over boys. They all suck. Especially the hotties.
Dave Hodgman: You've said that before. Many times.
Jane Harmon: No, this time I mean it.

Dave Hodgman: Jane, Janie... I'm going to go.
Jane Harmon: What? But I was just telling you about... Don't you want to talk?
Dave Hodgman: No, not tonight. I'll see you on Monday, okay?
Jane Harmon: Okay.

Aubrey Miller: So this girl Jane, she doesn't like you back?
Dave Hodgman: She does... platonically. As a friend.
Aubrey Miller: Oh, I know what platonically means. I'm a junior, not a moron.

Dave Hodgman: I think she's gonna hook up with Brendan Meltzer tonight.
Aubrey Miller: Ooh, my friend hooked up with Brendan Meltzer once...
Dave Hodgman: See?
Aubrey Miller: He is ripped!
Dave Hodgman: What are you... what are you doing to me?