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Quotes for
Rebecca Porter (Character)
from In Your Eyes (2014)

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In Your Eyes (2014)
Rebecca Porter: Sometimes when I'm with you, I forget myself.

Rebecca Porter: Wait, you're real. You're a real person!
Dylan Kershaw: Oh, that's the sweetest thing anybody's said to me all day.

Rebecca Porter: I pretty much thought you were PMS.
Dylan Kershaw: Yeah, a lot of people get us mixed up.

Rebecca Porter: I don't like Dr. Maynard. He always looks at me like he's trying to guess my weight.

Rebecca Porter: Sometimes... Sometimes you just look at everything and it's all just different. Do you know?
Phillip Porter: Yeah, I know. They call that puberty.

Rebecca Porter: I'm not having an affair, I swear. I'm not, I'm just crazy...

[last lines]
Dylan Kershaw: This is going to be so weird.
Dylan Kershaw, Rebecca Porter: [gradually but urgently they kiss]

Dylan Kershaw: You're a natural born criminal.
Rebecca Porter: I'll bet you say that to all the girls.

Rebecca Porter: Dylan there's something that didn't make any sense to me at the time, but you know I always felt like there was someone with me. You know, just like a feeling. I felt it, um, more strongly than ever after she died. It helped. Did you ever feel that way?
Dylan Kershaw: Why don't you tell me?
Rebecca Porter: I remember your first night in prison.
Dylan Kershaw: Oh, yeah, right. Time to come clean.
Rebecca Porter: What did you do?
Dylan Kershaw: I just, uh... good with locks. Not that good with silent alarms. Got two years, in with mostly lifers.
Rebecca Porter: Yeah, I figured that was nightmares. It was really terrifying.
Dylan Kershaw: Yeah. Yeah, I never felt as alone as I did in there doing my bid.
Rebecca Porter: ...You weren't.

Rebecca Porter: I can't play at this anymore.
Dylan Kershaw: It's not a game. It's not something that you play.

Dylan Kershaw: How do you expect me to just shut you off?
Rebecca Porter: Because you love me.