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Quotes for
Phil (Character)
from "Secret Girlfriend" (2009)

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"Secret Girlfriend: You Have to Choose Between Two Girls (#1.11)" (2009)
Phil: If a girl like that was throwing me those kind of looks, she'd already be in the backseat of my car, disappointed.

Phil: We don't have to eat your leftovers tonight, we can have your entrees. Finally, some sloppy firsts!

Phil: Dude, you should've known better than to hook Sammy up with such a hot chick. His hair-trigger junk can't take that kind of stimulus.

Phil: Oh, look at me, I'm Mandy pretending not to be crazy anymore.
Mandy: I deserved that, Phil. In fact I owe you an apology too.
Phil: Wait... what?

Heather: Hi, you must be Phil... my dad would hate you!
Phil: My dad would try to bang you.

"Secret Girlfriend: You Get a New Girlfriend (#1.12)" (2009)
Mandy: You tell me where he is or I'll break off that golf-pencil you call a dick and choke you with it!
Phil: Well, look who wants to touch my dick.