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Stanley Hope (Character)
from "Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension" (1998)

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"Eerie, Indiana: The Other Dimension: Switching Channels (#1.1)" (1998)
Ted Tanner: [starting like a salesman, Tanner gradually morphs into fire-and-brimstone religious fervor] TV is the workhorse of our consumer society. And all TV asks is that you think, merely think, about purchasing some of its fine products and ideas. No obligations, no expectations, no hard feelings if you're not buying today, Noooo. Just have a look-see, is all TV asks. Oh, the medium is so generous, so compassionate, so understandin'.
Ted Tanner: [almost overcome with emotion] It does your thinkin' for you. It is your friend. Ahhh, it gives so much and asks so little. And yet, there are some who don't rush to embrace it.
Stanley Hope: They don't?
Ted Tanner: [with electronic organ music swelling in the background] No, but TV doesn't hold that against them, no, sir. Y'see, TV knows that it's not their fault. TV takes the blame. And TV knows what to do. Give you more channels.
Mitchell Taylor: More channels?
Ted Tanner: As many as it takes, until we find the one, *The One* that is right for you. And then you, and TV, can become one.
[the music climaxes with an angelic choir]
Ted Tanner: [regaining his composure, he gathers up his equipment] Meanwhile, I've got thirty more houses to hook up before nightfall. And we are goin' for total penetration! *Hallelujah, boys.*