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Maggie (Character)
from Venus Wars (1989)

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Venus Wars (1989)
Hiro: Everything's different, even if it looks the same.
Maggie: The important things haven't changed. There's still the same painted blue sky and and artificial trees. white birds on a brilliant rainbow purified water on man-made flowers the orange sun filtered through acid-free air,warming our beautiful world. These things haven't changed...
Hiro: But what else do you see?

Maggie: Hiro! Gimme a hand! Help me with the bag!
Hiro: The sky could fall and women could still go shopping.
Maggie: What a stupid thing to say.
Maggie: I just bought food for a few weeks, that's plain common sense if you ask me.
Hiro: You'll make some lucky man a lovely wife.
Maggie: Very funny.
Hiro: Well, we just about got it all in.
Maggie: Your car is pretty sporty, but not practical.
Hiro: Tell Rob what ya think of it. It's his car.
Maggie: Hmmm, Rob's car? Don't you have one?
[Hiro starts driving fast]
Maggie: Hey take it easy! if you attract attention, he might fire at us! There are soldiers everywhere! They're flagging us down, better pull over.
Soldier: Identification?
Hiro: I'm not carrying it.
Soldier: Well that's real stupid.
Maggie: Here you are!