NCIS Probationary Agent Ned Dorneget
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NCIS Probationary Agent Ned Dorneget (Character)
from "NCIS" (2003)

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"NCIS: Sins of the Father (#9.10)" (2011)
Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo: Gibbs will never find out. How's he going to know?
Probationary Agent Ned Dorneget: I'd have to tell him.

Special Agent Jethro Gibbs: Dorneget, take Mr. DiNozzo to the break room, and get him something to eat.
Probationary Agent Ned Dorneget: Yes, sir.
[Dornget and DiNozzo Sr. start to leave]
Special Agent Jethro Gibbs: If he gives you any trouble, shoot him.
Probationary Agent Ned Dorneget: ...He's joking... I think.