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Redker (Character)
from "Power Rangers Megaforce" (2013)

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"Power Rangers Megaforce: The Wrath (#2.19)" (2014)
Levira: Congratulations, your majesty. With your whole fleet here, it'll be a matter of time before Earth falls.
Redker: How dare you even address the Emperor. Considering your massive failure.
Levira: What?
Redker: Don't pretend nothing happened! Do I need to remind you that you're one of the three bumblers who failed to protect our beloved Prince Vekar.
Emperor Mavro: The time has come to prove your worth. Otherwise, you'll be doomed among this planet.
Levira: Yes, sire.

Levira: No! I can't fall yet! I was suppose to achieve greatness! Emperor, use my maximizer! Don't forsake me!
Redker: [cackles] Good-bye, Levira! You bought us the time we needed.
Emperor Mavro: Now those Rangers are doomed no matter what.

Redker: What's wrong, Rangers? Just look at them. Did they really think we would let them defeat us? We rule the entire galaxy!
Emperor Mavro: Rangers, I am Emperor Mavro, the leader of the armada. Face it: You cannot hope to stand against a force of this size.
Tensou: Oh, no!
Emperor Mavro: My fleet will grind at you away until it achieves the inevitable. Your defeat. Save yourselves from this pointless struggle. End your futile defiance.
Emma Goodall: There's no way we're gonna leave the people of this Earth defenseless.
Gia Moran: We'll never give up without a fight!
Noah Carver: We need to send this guy a message.
Jake Holling: [to Troy] You thinking what I'm thinking?
Troy Burrows: [brings out his morpher] This enough of a message to get our point across? It's morphin' time!
Emma Goodall, Gia Moran, Noah Carver, Jake Holling, Troy Burrows: Go, go, Megaforce!
[they morph]
Emma Goodall, Gia Moran, Noah Carver, Jake Holling, Troy Burrows: This is our answer! Earth defenders never surrender!
Emperor Mavro: Very well, Rangers. Then you have doomed yourself and your entire planet.

"Power Rangers Megaforce: Emperor Mavro (#2.18)" (2014)
Levira: Damaras, you have a chance to redeem yourself.
Redker: Only if he can completes his mission, but I doubt he can.
Damaras: Do you know who you're talking to?
Redker: What?
[Damaras destroys the cage doors]
Damaras: No cage can hold me. All that kept me here was my allegiance to the emperor.
Redker: I'm impressed.
Damaras: Now to crush the Rangers.

Redker: Shall we destroy him?
Troy Burrows: It doesn't matter what you do to me.
Damaras: Actually, it might.
Emperor Mavro: Maybe we should put that to a test. The Red Ranger is quite a hero on Earth. I wonder if his people would give up their world to save him.
Troy Burrows: The Rangers will come for me.
Emperor Mavro: Take him back to Earth and put him on display. Let's show the earthlings that we are in control.