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Abby Whelan (Character)
from "Scandal" (2012)

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"Scandal: The Fluffer (#3.16)" (2014)
[first lines]
Cyrus Beene: [fast-walking down the West Wing hallway] She didn't send you.
Abby Whelan: She sent me.
Cyrus Beene: She sent you?
Abby Whelan: She sent me.
Cyrus Beene: She's not dying in a hospital, or being held hostage, or in the North Korea prison, because those are the only acceptable...
Abby Whelan: She sent me. I'm her proxy.
Cyrus Beene: Her what?
Abby Whelan: Her proxy.
Cyrus Beene: There is no proxy, you understand?
Abby Whelan: I'm your Olivia until she says otherwise.
Cyrus Beene: She's not over the First Family interview. Small of her. She's licking her wounds.
Abby Whelan: I have no information on that. All I know is I'm handling the White House. I'm your...
Cyrus Beene: Olivia proxy.

Abby Whelan: Do you want to know what Olivia Pope would say?
Olivia Pope: What would Olivia Pope say?
Abby Whelan: You don't get to run. You're a gladiator. Gladiators don't run. They fight. They slay dragons. They wipe off the blood and stitch up their wounds, and they live to fight another day. You don't get to run.

David Rosen: [watching Huck on the computer] I feel like I'm watching Mozart.
Abby Whelan: Mozart couldn't bring down B-613.

[last lines]
Olivia Pope: I know we haven't had a lot to celebrate around here in the last few months. Sometimes it seems the battles weren't winnable, or at least not worth the blood spilled fighting them. But then a moment like this comes around, and it makes you feel like it's all worth it, that we're finally stepping back into the light. We did this, people. We made this happen.
Abby Whelan: Gladiators!
David Rosen: Hear, hear.
Jake Ballard: [busts in and pushes Olivia to the wall by her throat] What the hell have you done?
Olivia Pope: [choking] I don't know what you're talking about.
Jake Ballard: No? Then let me be the one who breaks it to you. You just killed the president!

"Scandal: Baby Made a Mess (#4.7)" (2014)
Abby Whelan: I can't believe I just let you kiss me.
Leo Bergen: Have some more bourbon and I'll touch your boob.

Olivia Pope: If Fitz knew...
Abby Whelan: Not Fitz. Fitz is a man to you. The rest of us, we only know the President. The President is not a man. He's an idea.

Leo Bergen: I just want to know where I stand. You know, with the two of us working together you and me. I mean, I figure we have two choices here, we can either pretend this unbearable sexual tension doesn't exist, or we can address it head-on.
Abby Whelan: Is there a third choice?
Leo Bergen: Can I close the door?
Abby Whelan: No.
Leo Bergen: Then no.

Abby Whelan: [holding a gun in Putney's face in a dark garage] I'm gonna shoot you. I'm gonna shoot you, and when people ask me why, I'll tell them it's because you used to beat the crap out of me. And that's what's made me so messed up. That's what made me so lonely. That's what's stolen all of my chances for normal with every single guy I've ever... Or maybe I'll just tell them you attacked me and I went crazy and shot you in the face. Either way, chalk it up to PTSD, Chip.

"Scandal: Dirty Little Secrets (#1.2)" (2012)
Abby Whelan: Ginger Bell? Seriously, her real name is Ginger Bell. Like her parents didn't want her to go to college, like they planned for their kid to be a hooker.

Abby Whelan: [reviewing the Madam's record] Hey, I don't understand half of this. Is this some kind of code? What does "hardwood floors" mean? Stephen?
Stephen Finch: Why would you think that I would know?
Abby Whelan: Because you frequent whores.
Stephen Finch: I do *not* frequent... Fine. You want to know what it means? It means there's no carpeting.
Harrison Wright: To match the, uh, drapes.
Abby Whelan: Oh! And, uh, what about, uh, "sunny day"?
Stephen Finch: On a sunny day, you don't have to wear a raincoat.
Abby Whelan: And all of the languages these girls speak, those are all things?
Stephen Finch: Yes, those are all things.
Abby Whelan: So all of these girls are not actually fluent in Greek?

Abby Whelan: You would never pay for sex, would you? Have you?
Harrison Wright: Look, everyone pays for sex, at least until they're in a relationship. That's how it works. I buy you dinner. I buy you drinks. That's not out of the goodness of my heart.
Abby Whelan: Why do men do it?
Harrison Wright: Honestly? To never have to have a conversation like the one we're having right now.

"Scandal: Yes (#5.2)" (2015)
Abby Whelan: Sir, those photos are everywhere. I've got a roomful of press getting rowdier by the minute. There's blood in the water. We're gonna need a game plan. We're gonna need a statement. We're gonna need A bigger boat.
Elizabeth North: She's right. The press needs to hear from the White House from you. Sir?
President Fitzgerald Grant: I'm going back to the residence...
Elizabeth North: Because?
President Fitzgerald Grant: Because Olivia is there. I can't make a statement without Olivia.
Elizabeth North: Mr. President, I don't think that's a good...
President Fitzgerald Grant: If a statement is being made, Olivia and I are making it together.
[leaves the room]
Elizabeth North: So, what History's being made tonight? For the first time ever, the president and his mistress address the nation. Why are you so calm?
President Fitzgerald Grant: Do you really think she's gonna get in front of the camera and admit that they're having an affair? It's Liv. She's the best in the business. The president's about to get Pope'd.

Abby Whelan: Why are you doing this? You're gone. Why do you care?
Cyrus Beene: Red. Who do I hate more than Elizabeth North?
Abby Whelan: No one?
Cyrus Beene: And who does Elizabeth North hate even more than she hates me?
Abby Whelan: Mellie.
Cyrus Beene: Right.

"Scandal: White Hats Off (#2.1)" (2012)
Olivia Pope: Ever take a bribe in this office?
Congressman Jacob Shaw: No, Ms. Pope, I do not take bribes.
Olivia Pope: Trade votes for campaign contributions, reveal state secrets, fund raise on government property?
Congressman Jacob Shaw: Of course not. I don't break the law.
Olivia Pope: I'm sure you don't, but yet, here we are. So if you didn't break the law, what did you do?
Congressman Jacob Shaw: I had relations earlier tonight.
Olivia Pope: In this office?
Congressman Jacob Shaw: ...On this desk.
Abby Whelan: [suddenly jumps up having been leaning on the desk, knocking things over]

Abby Whelan: Seriously? That trial was a joke. You know it, I know it, Olivia knows it. And the only reason she won't say it is 'cause she also knows a whole hell of a lot more than she's letting on. What do you think, Huck? Ready to work across the hall from the molotov mistress?
Huck: Olivia says we trust her, we trust her.
Abby Whelan: Company man...

"Scandal: Put a Ring on It (#4.17)" (2015)
Abby Whelan: Sally Langston has got some guy named Phillip Reed booked on her next show. I think he's gonna say he's...
Olivia Pope: Having an affair with Michael.
Abby Whelan: How do you know?
Huck: I pulled Michael's cellular records, did a search for most called numbers, came up with Phillip, triangulated cellphone towers to track him to the vicinity of his office server, and then hacked into their e-mail system. How'd you find out?
Abby Whelan: I listened to all of Leo's voice-mails when he was in the bathroom.
Huck: Well, that's another way to go.

[first lines]
Leo Bergen: It's 4:00 AM. You don't go in at 4:00 AM unless something big happened. Did someone drop a nuke on us?
Abby Whelan: Separation of Church and State, Leo.
Leo Bergen: Did aliens land? Is the White House on fire?

"Scandal: Any Questions? (#2.21)" (2013)
Olivia Pope: And there's no other way?
Huck: We could send Sally a Trojan horse.
Quinn Perkins: Hmm. An e-mail infected with a worm that could bore into the White House network from the inside. We could make it record her keystrokes, tell us her passwords.
Abby Whelan: "Baby Huck."

Abby Whelan: Coffee?
David Rosen: No, I think I'll stay here, catch the White House briefing. Watching Cyrus Beene unraveling under pressure is my porn.

"Scandal: Icarus (#3.6)" (2013)
Congresswoman Josephine Marcus: We've already got over $6 million and counting.
Abby Whelan: $6 million might pay for the gas, but it sure as hell won't buy you the plane. You want to walk to Iowa
Olivia Pope: You've done a great job mobilizing the grass roots, but you're getting pummeled by Reston's ads on the airwaves. And your post-debate spike in the polls It's nearly gone. It's time to respond with ads of your own Big media buys. Reston's already locked up the big donors. Then we unlock them. Those people out there working their tails off, along with the millions of people who have pledged their support one crumpled dollar at a time They believe in me because I'm not accountable to big money. You want to be mayor of Red Springs or Ralph Nader, turn your back on PAC money and large donations. You want to win Iowa or New Hampshire and become the party's nominee?
Congresswoman Josephine Marcus: All right, line up the fat cats. Let's just get this over with.

Candace Marcus: So you all you're really full-service, aren't you? You raise money, organize the ground game, bury secrets, and still have time to go out and make fake political ads. You're wearing the same nail polish as the shaky hand.
Abby Whelan: She needed to get angry. We needed to get her there.
Candace Marcus: Is there a line you won't cross?
Abby Whelan: We'll let you know when we find it.

"Scandal: Flesh and Blood (#3.17)" (2014)
[first lines]
Olivia Pope: Did you really just... "treason?"
Jake Ballard: That is the nicest word for what you did.
Olivia Pope: B-613 should never have existed! Who brainwashed you? You hated B-613 as much as I did until you became command.
Jake Ballard: Enough!
Abby Whelan: Was that the president? Shh!

Harrison Wright: Jees, B-613's working out of our office now.
Abby Whelan: B-613, with the torture and the murder and the...
Quinn Perkins: Do you honestly think they're any different? B-613 and OPA? Because I've worked for both, and believe me they're not.
Abby Whelan: We don't torture people.
Quinn Perkins: You just destroy them. It's nice to see you guys make your own coffee now...

"Scandal: Mrs. Smith Goes to Washington (#3.3)" (2013)
Olivia Pope: Huck is taking a personal day.
Quinn Perkins: Personal day?
Olivia Pope: Personal day.
Abby Whelan: We get personal days? What? We get vacation now too?

Abby Whelan: You can't look up one FBI agent for me?
David Rosen: What's in it for me?
Abby Whelan: Oh, you're pathetic. You really want dinner that badly?
David Rosen: Well, now I don't.

"Scandal: Paris Is Burning (#5.3)" (2015)
[first lines]
Abby Whelan: [walking past chatting employees] Shut it down or get fired, people!

"Scandal: Happy Birthday, Mr. President (#2.8)" (2012)
[last lines]
Reed Wallace: [on the air] The FBI is issuing what's called a high alert, and they, they do have a description of a suspect. The suspect is dark-haired, average height and build, possibly with a buzz cut, seen entering the Stanworth Hotel wearing a red hoodie. This is America's most wanted man.
Harrison Wright: [watching the news broadcast] Average height, average build, wearing a red hoodie In Washington, DC, home of the Redskins? That narrows it down to about 100,000 people.
Abby Whelan: Don't.
Reed Wallace: We're gonna be here all night with you. Once again, at 8:05 Eastern standard time, some 14 hours ago, President Grant was shot entering his birthday gala.

"Scandal: Hunting Season (#2.3)" (2012)
Abby Whelan: [reciting her research] Arthur "Artie" Hornbacher, low-level NSA data entry specialist. Kept the same job, same salary, for 16 years, which is either admirable or pathetic, depending on your definition of success.

"Scandal: You Can't Take Command (#4.22)" (2015)
Cyrus Beene: I can't tell you.
Abby Whelan: Why not?
Cyrus Beene: Because you don't have the clearance. It is getting old. I am tired of it. But it's my job to protect his interests and serve his needs, to spin the world and raise the sun. I can't have a soul. If I had one, I would never accomplish a thing.

"Scandal: Honor Thy Father (#4.18)" (2015)
Olivia Pope: [about Mellie's sister visiting the White House] Cyrus must be loving this.
Abby Whelan: He's like a storm chaser in a van hurling down the highway, face pressed up against the windshield, grinning wildly, waiting for everything to go to hell, wanting to be there when it does.
Olivia Pope: I've been in that van.

"Scandal: All Roads Lead to Fitz (#2.5)" (2012)
Abby Whelan: So I did a little digging, and it turns out that Cytron, they weren't just an Internet security company. They also developed software, some of which had various applications, like this one program that Quinn's boyfriend was working on. Officially it was used as slot machines.
David Rosen: And unofficially?
Abby Whelan: Voting machines. I know you just got your job back, David, and I wasn't gonna say anything, I swear.
David Rosen: No, you did the right thing. Come here.
[hugs her]
Abby Whelan: [same conversation played-back on a computer] I know you just got your job back, David, and I wasn't gonna say anything, I swear.
David Rosen: No, you did the right thing. Come here.
Technician: And so on and so forth. You want me to notify the others?
Olivia Pope: No. This one I handle alone...

"Scandal: The Key (#4.5)" (2014)
Abby Whelan: [found laying on her office couch] What are you doing here? Have you been drinking?
David Rosen: When?
Abby Whelan: Recently.
David Rosen: Yes.
Abby Whelan: You're the Attorney General of the United States! You can't do this.
David Rosen: Many of my predecessors were distinguished alcoholics.
Abby Whelan: Then go find one of them to hang out with. I've got work to do.

"Scandal: Ride, Sally, Ride (#3.11)" (2014)
Abby Whelan: Do you even know how to use it? The safety and the clip and how you're not supposed to tuck it in your waistband or else you could shoot off your penis?
Harrison Wright: I know how a gun works, Abby.
[racks and checks the gun]

"Scandal: Enemy of the State (#1.4)" (2012)
Olivia Pope: I did what I had to for my client. I made a tough call. You don't like it, Abby, too bad. It's my name on that door, not yours.
Abby Whelan: Don't talk to me about tough calls or names on the door... When Charles fractured three of my ribs and broke my jaw and threw me out into the snow in my nightgown, Olivia Pope took a tire iron and broke his knee cap and got me the best divorce attorney in the state and got me out of that marriage. It's what Olivia does. It's who you are. You are the gladiator. I would gladly follow you over a cliff, but you've gotta show up. You gotta be a warrior. You don't get to pick and choose when the real Olivia Pope walks through that door. You made the wrong call.

"Scandal: First Lady Sings the Blues (#4.20)" (2015)
Abby Whelan: We need you to weigh in on whether it's legal for someone to run for senate while married to the president.
David Rosen: Well, uh, yes, it's legal, but only because no one ever considered the idea that a first lady would ever run for office. I'm betting if they had, there'd be a law on the books. The ethical implications alone...
Abby Whelan: But it is legal?
David Rosen: Yes.
Abby Whelan: Because no one ever imagined that a woman would ever get an idea in her pretty, little head to run for office?
David Rosen: Yes, Abby.
Abby Whelan: So, Mellie Grant's run for senate is legal because of misogyny. In this instance, misogyny is our friend. That's what you're saying?
David Rosen: No, no, I'm saying something less controversial and less likely to get me stoned to death by my feminist sisters. I am saying there's no legal issue with Mellie Grant's run for Senate.

"Scandal: Spies Like Us (#2.6)" (2012)
Huck: Anything high-tech you can break into, but the radio, you can't trace where it comes from, you can't trace who's listening. The radio is how we talk to each other, how all the spies talk to each other all around the world. You listen every day, and every day, there's no message. Years go by, decades, and there's no message. But then one day, you listen, and the code word comes.
Abby Whelan: Then what happens?
Huck: It's time to come home.

"Scandal: Boom Goes the Dynamite (#2.15)" (2013)
Abby Whelan: Speaking of flammable, you tell your partner in crime to take a shower yet? I think there might be something wrong with him.
Harrison Wright: He's Huck. There's something very wrong with him.

"Scandal: It's Good to Be Kink (#4.16)" (2015)
[first lines]
Abby Whelan: What is wrong with you?
Leo Bergen: It's not that bad. There were no minors involved, no money exchanged hands. I did nothing illegal.
Abby Whelan: Well, that doesn't make it good. Really, what is wrong with you?
Leo Bergen: I'm human! I'm a man!
Abby Whelan: You're disgusting.
Leo Bergen: You want me to say "sorry" again? Fine. I'm sorry. Okay?
Abby Whelan: Not okay. You should know better. How many clients have you warned about this exact scenario?
Leo Bergen: Okay, you're not a Saint! I've been between the sheets with you. You've taught me some things.

"Scandal: Grant: For the People (#1.7)" (2012)
Abby Whelan: Okay, if we're doing this
Abby Whelan: we're destroying all the evidence. You realize what this means, Liv?
Harrison Wright: I've been to prison, and I'm not going back.
Huck: You were in prison for three days.
Harrison Wright: It was prison!

"Scandal: YOLO (#3.9)" (2013)
Abby Whelan: What's the big deal with taking one little name off the no-fly list? David, normal boyfriends do favors for their girlfriends.
David Rosen: You know, normal girlfriends don't dabble in aiding and abetting.

"Scandal: Snake in the Garden (#2.17)" (2013)
Huck: [studying the city map] We'll check there after Greenbelt.
David Rosen: Or, just thinking outside the box, you could save gas and time, and maybe this girl's life, if you get the FBI to look for you.
Abby Whelan: First of all, we're so much better than the FBI at this.

"Scandal: Heavy Is the Head (#5.1)" (2015)
Abby Whelan: [chatting in the powder room] You know whose life I need? Princess Emily's. That woman? Nothing but game. She was a human-rights lawyer. And now she gets to wear diamonds on her head. On her head, Liv.
Olivia Pope: I think I'll stick with being me.
Abby Whelan: [pressing on] I wonder what that life is like. You know, one day, you're a regular person. And the next day, you're the most famous woman on the planet, and only because of who you're in love with. Suddenly, that's all you are, is somebody's...
Princess Emily: [suddenly emerges from a stall] I'm sorry. I wasn't trying to eavesdrop. It's just, people get weird when they see me, so I just... I was going to try and stay in there until you left, but then you started talking about me and I thought you'd want to know I-I was in...
Abby Whelan: [jumping to her feet] I am so sorry, Your Royal Highness.
Olivia Pope: Why don't we give you some privacy?
Princess Emily: Oh, wait a minute. You're Olivia Pope! You handled the press for my engagement. I-I watched you on TV.
Olivia Pope: My friend didn't really mean anything by what she said.
Princess Emily: Oh, oh, I've I've gotten used to it. For most of the world, I'm not a real person anymore. I stopped being a real person for people the moment the world found out I was marrying Richard. To them, I'm... I'm not human. I'm just... a spectacle. And I don't think they would say half the things they say if they knew they were hurting an actual person - do you?
Olivia Pope: No, I don't think they would.

"Scandal: Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (#3.14)" (2014)
Abby Whelan: David, look at me. Something's wrong. Something bad has happened to you - something terrible. You don't hide that from me, you don't lie about it to me, you give it to me. You let me share it. I love you. You are my heart. What happens to you happens to me.
David Rosen: I'm supposed to send an innocent man to jail for a carjacking he didn't commit. That's the price I have to pay for still being alive. But I can't bring myself to do it.
Abby Whelan: Oh, David.
David Rosen: He killed them right in front of me, Abby. Shelby, Vanessa, James - they're all dead and I'm alive.

"Scandal: Like Father, Like Daughter (#4.4)" (2014)
Abby Whelan: You make it hard for me to do my job. You undermine me here with Olivia Pope at every turn. You keep secrets from me. You make me feel small.
Cyrus Beene: Red, there are things that happen here in this big white house with this particular president that you will never, ever know about. Some of those things, many of those things, will involve Olivia Pope. Several of those things will make it hard for you to do your job. But you are a patriot and you are a fighter, and so you will soldier on. As for feeling small, I don't do that to you. I suspect that jealousy does that to you. My advice on that is this. You are not Olivia, you will never be Olivia, and hating Olivia for your own shortcomings will not change that fact. Also, have you ever stopped to think what it must be like to actually be Olivia Pope? Doesn't seem like that much fun.

"Scandal: The State of the Union (#4.2)" (2014)
Mellie Grant: I don't know who you are, but you are obviously some sort of desperate hail Mary from my husband, or from Cyrus, or from someone else who thinks there is a chance in hell of getting me to put on that stupid dress and go to that stupid speech. I'm not interested in whatever it is you came here to say, so save it and go away. It's not happening.
Abby Whelan: Children die, Mrs. Grant. I don't have children, so you may think it's horrible for me to say that, and maybe it is, but it's also a fact that of all the millions of Americans who will be watching and listening to the State of the Union Address tonight, there are thousands of people out there whose children have died, just like yours. But unlike you, they didn't get to spend three months flipping through trash and eating potato chips. They got three days to grieve, three weeks if they were lucky, or they would lose their jobs. And make no mistake, Mrs. Grant, you have a job. You're the First Lady of the United States, and it might not pay, but it is a job.
Abby Whelan: And if Jackie Kennedy could be in a car with her husband's brains splattered across her lap one minute, and standing next to LBJ as he was sworn in to replace her dead husband just 99 minutes later, you can put on a dress, and stand in your private box, and show all the people in our nation who share the horrible burden of losing a child with you, that the First Family may be devastated, but it has not forgotten the American people who voted for your husband, and who need to see that you're okay - whether or not it's the truth. That is what I came here to say.

"Scandal: The Testimony of Diego Muñoz (#4.15)" (2015)
Abby Whelan: Susan Ross quit, and I fired Leo, which I think means I also broke up with him.

"Scandal: An Innocent Man (#4.6)" (2014)
Abby Whelan: [about Jake] He was taken into custody two days ago and hasn't been seen since.
President Fitzgerald Grant: Has anyone from the press asked you about him?
Abby Whelan: No.
President Fitzgerald Grant: Then you're not asking as part of your official duties as White House Press Secretary.
Abby Whelan: No.
President Fitzgerald Grant: You just thought you'd stroll on into the Oval Office and ask the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces about something you have no security clearance for.
Abby Whelan: I'm not asking the Commander in Chief. I'm asking the married man who used to sleep with my friend, what exactly he has done with the man she's currently sleeping with.

"Scandal: Crash and Burn (#1.5)" (2012)
[first lines]
Olivia Pope: Answers, people. We need answers, and time is of the essence.
Quinn Perkins: Her phone's gone and her purse. She ran away. You told her she was gonna have to go on TV, she freaked out, and she ran away.
Abby Whelan: I gotta say, as crime scenes go, it's pretty clean. No broken locks, no signs of struggle, and I'm not finding any prints aside from yours and Amanda's.
Quinn Perkins: Because it's not a crime scene. Because she ran away.
Huck: There's someone watching you.
Olivia Pope: What?
Huck: Your trash is gone, and it's not trash day, and there's a sedan parked across the street, US government plates, tinted windows.
Olivia Pope: [looks out the window] What about Amanda, Huck?
Huck: Whoever it was came up through the service elevator, picked the lock on the back door, sedated her, taped her up, got her in a duffel bag. In and out, probably seven minutes, six if they were quick.
Olivia Pope: How do you know?
Huck: That's how *I* would do it.

"Scandal: Top of the Hour (#2.16)" (2013)
Harrison Wright: Too bad you don't sign a morality clause before you get married - not that it would have saved those two anyway.
Abby Whelan: Why do you assume their marriage is over?
Harrison Wright: The way I see it, marriage is a partnership. You add kids, it's a job. You think he's gonna be able to work with her, be a team with her after what she did to him?
Abby Whelan: I work with you after what you did to me. You basically tanked me and David.
Harrison Wright: Abby, I'm sorry about that. You know how sorry I am about that.
Abby Whelan: It's fine. That's my point. People get betrayed, people betray. You deal with it and you move on. If it's a partnership, if it's a job, you move on.
Harrison Wright: Abby, I will apologize every single day if that'll make things better.
Abby Whelan: I'm not mad, Harrison. I'm not.
Harrison Wright: But you're different. With me. I mean, you're the exact same, but you're completely different.
Abby Whelan: I'm still me. We're still us. I'm just... I now live in a world where I know that you're a gladiator first, and a person second. That's okay. Because I can do that, too. I can be a person second. I just... Before, I just didn't know that's what we were doing with each other, is all. We're good.