Young Bryan
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Young Bryan (Character)
from "The New Normal" (2012)

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"The New Normal: The Godparent Trap (#1.7)" (2012)
Bryan Collins: What did you do with the body?
Rocky Rhoades: Don't ask questions you can't handle the answers to.

Bryan Collins: My mom used to say you shouldn't pray for stuff, you should use this time to thank God.
David Sawyer: Okay. What are you thankful for?
Bryan Collins: My stuff.

"The New Normal: Stay-At-Home Dad (#1.13)" (2013)
Bryan Collins: Once upon a time, I saw a woman named Uma Thurman without any make-up on under the harsh, fluorescent lights of a Walgreen's at 2 in the morning, clutching a six-pack of Vanilla Ensure and
Bryan Collins: ... Oh, wait, that story is too scary, I'm so sorry.

"The New Normal: Finding Name-O (#1.21)" (2013)
Bryan Collins: The fact that you don't know what deserves an apology, deserves an apology.