Buck Ripley
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Buck Ripley (Character)
from The Great Outdoors (1988)

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The Great Outdoors (1988)
Kate Craig: Ahh!
[Kate and Roman run out of their bedroom]
Roman: What?
Kate Craig: It touched me!
Roman: It's been touching you for 12 years, you never freak!
Kate Craig: Not you!
[Kate hits Roman on the arm]
Kate Craig: A thing.
Roman: What thing?
Chet: [Comes out of his bedroom, along with the rest of the family, and turns on the lights] What's going on?
Kate Craig: That thing!
[Points to a bat]
Roman: Oh, it's just a little sparrow.
Kate Craig: C'mon Roman, it's got ears!
Buck Ripley: Jesus!
[Everyone screams and runs out of the cabin]

Wally: [Upon checkin at the cabin, the Ripleys are greeted by a snarling, barking dog whose face is filled with porcupine quills] Don't mind Wormer folks, she hates people.
[Dog still barking and snarling]
Wally: Wormer, shut the frig up! What can I do ya for?
Buck Ripley: What happened to that dog's, uh, dog's face?
Wally: Porcupine quills. Hates people, loves porcupines. She's in heat too. Too bad you're not a dog. What can I do ya for?

[Chet and Roman are arguing]
Chet: You've got an awful lot of nerve, Roman, a lot of nerve.
Roman: It's served me well, I'm the one with the Mercedes.
Chet: By the way, is it paid for?
Roman: Are you jealous? Chester!
Chet: Don't call me Chester! Call me that one more time and you're gonna go home with a dent in your forehead!
Kate Craig: Oh yeah, that'll be the day!
Chet: Would you like one to match his?
Roman: [raising his fists] Hey, take it easy! You wanna go right now?
Buck Ripley: [breaking them apart] Dad, dad, dad. No one's denting anybody.
Roman: Thanks, Bucky.
Buck Ripley: Oh, bite the big one, Uncle Roman!
Connie Ripley: Hey, don't talk to adults that way!
Buck Ripley: Why not?
Roman: Because it's rude.
Connie Ripley: Oh, blow it out your ass!

Buck Ripley: So, when do you get off work?
Cammie: Eight
Buck Ripley: Where are you gonna be after work?
Cammie: I'll be around
Buck Ripley: Can I see you after work?
Cammie: Yeah, if you can find me

She's Having a Baby (1988)
Buck from 'The Great Outdoors': [suggesting a baby name] BellawackadayforlongerAmsterdamandashquinina.