Eddie Mack
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Eddie Mack (Character)
from "Louie" (2010)

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"Louie: Eddie (#2.9)" (2011)
Eddie Mack: Louie, look me in the eye and tell me I have one good reason to live.
Louie: [a long pause] No.
Eddie Mack: See, you got nothin'.
Louie: No. No, I'm not - I'm not playin' that. I'm not doin' it.
Eddie Mack: Whadda you mean.
Louie: I mean - I mean fuck you, man. I got my reasons to live. I worked hard to figure out what they are; I'm not just handin' 'em to you. Okay? You want a reason to live? Have a drink of water and get some sleep. Wake up in the morning and try again like everybody else does.
Eddie Mack: Yeah, yeah, yeah: "tough love."
Louie: Nah, no love. Okay? More like "tough not givin' a shit anymore," Eddie. If you wanna - If you wanna tap out 'cause your life is shit... You know what, it's not *your* life. It's life. It's - life is bigger than you, it's - if you can imagine that. Life isn't somethin' that you possess, it's somethin' that you take part in, and you witness.
Eddie Mack: [laughing] You are - You are so excited right now, that you get to give the big speech. You would love to be the guy that talks this loser - who you never think about - outta suicide so you can feel better about yourself. This is not about you, Louie. This is just me sayin' good-bye. It was nice to know ya when I knew ya.