Aunt Elizabeth
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Aunt Elizabeth (Character)
from Burnt Offerings (1976)

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Burnt Offerings (1976)
Marian Rolf: Alright, you didn't lock it. It locked itself! Now what about the windows?
Aunt Elizabeth: Well, they were open.
Marian Rolf: They were closed when Ben went into that room. Now make sense, Elizabeth!
Aunt Elizabeth: Well, how can I when you keep shouting at me and accusing me of...
Marian Rolf: I'm not accusing you.
Aunt Elizabeth: Where's Ben? Benji will believe me.
Marian Rolf: I believe you, too.
Aunt Elizabeth: No, you don't. It's obvious.
Marian Rolf: We all forget things, Elizabeth. And at your age...
Aunt Elizabeth: I don't forget things! I know what I do.
Marian Rolf: Well, of course you do, dear. Now why don't you let me get you some breakfast.
Aunt Elizabeth: What about the old woman?
[forgot her name]
Aunt Elizabeth: Mrs... uh... Mrs. Oh, I'm so mixed up. Mrs...
Marian Rolf: [frustrated] Allardyce.
Aunt Elizabeth: Yes, Allardyce. Maybe she...
Marian Rolf: Aunt Elizabeth, let's just forget this!
Aunt Elizabeth: Tell Ben I'm upstairs.
Marian Rolf: I'll bring your breakfast to your room.
Aunt Elizabeth: Like you do to her room? The other old woman? N-n-no, don't bother, Marian.