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Ikuo Takabayashi (Character)
from "Another" (2012)

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"Another: Kakusan (#1.5)" (2012)
Kouichi Sakakibara: Where were you all during the sixth hour?
Ikuo Takabayashi: To meeting hall, to take care of certain things.
Kouichi Sakakibara: What things?
Yuuya Mochizuki: You had many strange experiences since you came here, right?
Kouichi Sakakibara: If you know, Can you tell me what's going on?
Yuuya Mochizuki: Sorry, I can't. Just that. coming soon, something very unpleasant might happen to you.
Kouichi Sakakibara: What do you mean?
Yuuya Mochizuki: At the meeting, Akazawa said we needed to discuss something, without your presence there. But if you don't like what will happen, try to bear it. remember that you are doing it for all of us. Please.
Kouichi Sakakibara: All of us?
Izumi Akazawa: [Recalling her words] This is for all of us. Forgive us.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Is this one of those class rules?
Yuuya Mochizuki: Yes
Kouichi Sakakibara: [Confused] I just don't understand.
[to Yuuya]
Kouichi Sakakibara: I can ask you something?
Yuuya Mochizuki: What?
Kouichi Sakakibara: I need a class list copy
Yuuya Mochizuki: Don't you got one?
Ikuo Takabayashi: It's not fair. I disagree with the way Akazawa handles that. It's not fair that she forces us to think like her.
[to Kouichi]
Ikuo Takabayashi: There are so many things you want to know.
Kouichi Sakakibara: Yes, there are.
Ikuo Takabayashi: Then you can ask. I will tell you everything I know.
Yuuya Mochizuki: Takabayashi, wait! Do you mean that?
Kouichi Sakakibara: Fine. Mei Misaki... Does she exists?
Ikuo Takabayashi: She...
[He suffers a heart attack and dies before he can respond]

"Another: Body paint (#1.9)" (2012)
[Kouichi walks up the stairs to the 3-3 classroom , he hears footsteps behind him. Yukari Sakuragi appears behind him with an bloodstained umbrella and her neck pierced]
Yukari Sakuragi: It's your fault.
[Kouichi runs into the classroom, at the entry appears Ikuo Takabayashi, pressing his chest with his hand]
Ikuo Takabayashi: It's your fault!
[Kouichi stumbles, behind him appears the Professor Kubodera with his neck shredded and gushing blood in spurts]
Professor Kubodera: It's your fault!
[Kouichi scared, opens the classroom door, when Kouichi opens the door, he finds to Sanae Mizuno face down on a stretcher, she gets up showing her face disfigured by the falling into the elevator]
Sanae Mizuno: It's your fault!
[Falling from the ceiling, Kouichi observes to Junta Nakao, who has deep cuts on his face and his right arm cut off]
Junta Nakao: It's your fault!
[Kouichi wakes up from the nightmare]