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Quotes for
Betsy (Character)
from George of the Jungle 2 (2003) (V)

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George of the Jungle 2 (2003) (V)
Betsy: Hey, don't hog the Choco-Blast.
Ursula: I'll give you the Choco-Blast if Courtney gives up the Funky Monkey.
Courtney: I'd have thought you'd seen enough funky monkeys.
Ursula: I've missed you guys.
Betsy: And we've missed you.
Tiffany: Speaking of things you've missed, you know who's looking amazing? Lyle.
Courtney: You're right. He's such a catch. He's charming, rich, sensitive...
Tiffany: ...and is equally at home with small animals and children.
Ursula: [sees them reading off poster behind them] Are you reading that?
[Beatrice runs off with poster]

Betsy: [to Ursula] You belong back here. Soon your whole identity is going to get swallowed up by George and the Ursula we know and love is gonna disappear.
Beatrice: And you deserve a husband who'd rather spend time with you than a gorilla.

Ursula: I can't help feeling that something's missing. That somewhere, out there, something's waiting for me.
[George swings in and Ursula falls off bed]
George: Sorry to surprise Ursula, but George can't take living without Ursula. George madly in love.
Ursula: Look, I don't know who you are, but I'm married. Unfortunately.
George: Right. George Ursula's husband.
George: Ursula more confused than George. But no time to talk, Bukuvu in trouble. Must get back. George put Ursula first, then jungle, hmm?
Ursula: Listen, I've never heard of the Bukuvu and Lyle's my husband. Thought I have to admit you are quite attractive, and have these sinewy arms of a god! But I'm one of those old-fashioned types and I take my marriage vows very seriously.
Betsy: Then can I have him?
George: Sorry. George love Ursula more than anything in the world. Ursula mean everything to George.

Betsy: Do you have any brothers at home?
[George turns and knocks Ursula out]
George: Have brother Ape.
Betsy: Ooh, an ape.

Narrator: George still had one more official duty.
[kisses Tiffany]
Tiffany: George!
Narrator: Helping Ursula bring her friends out of their hypnotic trance.
[kisses Courtney]
Courtney: Ooh, George.
[kisses Betsy]
George: Eee!
[Betsy pulls him close]
Betsy: [while kissing] But I still don't recognize him. Stan? Stan? Is that you? Hey, Stan?

Charlie: Here's your towels, angels.
Betsy: Thanks, Charlie.