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Quinn Sullivan (Character)
from "CSI: NY" (2004)

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"CSI: NY: The Closer (#1.22)" (2005)
Quinn Sullivan: [quoting Mac] "A small mistake can be significant enough to change everything that follows."
Detective Mac Taylor: Mr. Sullivan, if you have something to tell me, say it now.
Quinn Sullivan: I lost it. I don't know where I dropped it, I don't know when... but I figured if I told the truth... if I told them I owned it, it was as good as pleading guilty. But what if the hammer was mine?
Detective Mac Taylor: That changes everything.

[last lines]
Quinn Sullivan: So, why'd you help me?
Detective Mac Taylor: Because you told me the truth.
Quinn Sullivan: You know there'll be a civil trial.
Detective Mac Taylor: And this time, the evidence will come to the rescue. Mr. Sullivan, my job is to collect evidence and, without bias or expectation, provide an answer. I don't usually hope the suspect is innocent or guilty. This time... it was different. This time, I wanted the evidence on that hammer to be wrong. I liked the possibility of... changing everything.
Quinn Sullivan: Me, too.