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Quotes for
Dennis Pehlke (Character)
from A Little Help (2010)

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A Little Help (2010)
Laura Pehlke: I don't care anymore!
Dennis Pehlke: Good! You suck, anyway!
Laura Pehlke: You suck! YOU!

Laura Pehlke: How was camp?
Dennis Pehlke: I saw a girl's tit.
Laura Pehlke: Ouu, how was it?
Dennis Pehlke: How was it?
Laura Pehlke: I don't know, I just...
Dennis Pehlke: She jumped into the pool and her bathing suit came down for a second. Besides, she's only eleven, it wasn't much of a tit.
Laura Pehlke: Still, it's something.

Laura Pehlke: [after finding that Dennis has lied and told classmates his father was a 9-11 hero] You can't just lie to people like that.
Dennis Pehlke: Oh, my God, all you ever do is lie. You make up all these lame excuses to people for not being somewhere. You lie to Dad about how many beers you had. You say you don't smoke, but you really do.
Laura Pehlke: Those are different. Those are tiny little things, and they don't invoke major events in world history.