Riley Jones
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Riley Jones (Character)
from Detention (2011)

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Detention (2011)
Riley Jones: Every morning I try to remember I'm only the second biggest loser to walk Grizzly Lake High. First place goes to the drunk slut who screwed the dead mascot in 1992, but the 90's are history. So am I.

Riley Jones: S'not my fault majoring in Inuit Literature and Hipster Rock doesn't replenish your trust fund.

Gord: We have rules of conduct. Your ticket is a contract.
Male Theater Patron: [from back row of the theater] Shut up, lumberjack!
Riley Jones: Rebuttal: What is the contract?
Gord: Rebuttal: There's to be no illegal photography inside of Galaxy Cinemas.
Riley Jones: Rejoinder: That is NOT the way a capitalist society functions.
Gord: When you take illegal photography inside of cinemas, you take money away from carpenters who are just trying to feed and clothe their families. Any closing statement?
Riley Jones: Um...
Gord: Silence is compliance.

[Clapton walks in on Billy gyrating behind Riley]
Clapton Davis: Is this when I'm supposed to say "How could you?"
Riley Jones: And what I'm supposed to say, "It's not what it looks like?"
Billy Nolan: What, are you two fucking?

Principal Verge: The video of your... mammary gland?... was viewed twenty thousand times on the Internet.
Riley Jones: YouTube?
Mr. Cooper: National Zoology.
Riley Jones: Can I throw up?

Riley Jones: Just because you're a bitch doesn't give you dog years.

[last lines]
Riley Jones: It's just high school. It's not the end of the world.