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Quotes for
Sadie Kavanaugh (Character)
from "The Shield" (2002)

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"The Shield: Kavanaugh (#5.8)" (2006)
Jon Kavanaugh: There are rules.
Sadie Kavanaugh: Then break one.
Jon Kavanaugh: What I do is stop cops from breaking the rules. I can't stop them if I can't stop myself.
Sadie Kavanaugh: Then try bending one just once.
Jon Kavanaugh: I'm an Internal Affairs Lieutenant. That's, that's who I am.

"The Shield: Of Mice and Lem (#5.10)" (2006)
Jon Kavanaugh: Seen this guy?
[Holds up picture of Vic]
Sadie Kavanaugh: Yeah, he came through.
Jon Kavanaugh: Are you OK?
Sadie Kavanaugh: Why do you care?
Jon Kavanaugh: Did he hurt you?
Sadie Kavanaugh: You're the only one who ever hurts me, Jon... That's not gonna happen again.
Jon Kavanaugh: I just... Can you just... Tell me what he did, just tell me what happened. Just, what'd he do?
Sadie Kavanaugh: What did he do? Well, he made me cum. That's what he did.