Freddie Quell
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Freddie Quell (Character)
from The Master (2012)

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The Master (2012)
Receptionist: You look like you've traveled here.
Freddie Quell: How else do you get someplace?

Freddie Quell: I believe, in your profession, it's called... 'Nostalgia'.

Freddie Quell: What do you do?
Lancaster Dodd: I am a writer, a doctor, a nuclear physicist and a theoretical philosopher. But above all, I am a man, a hopelessly inquisitive man, just like you.

[last lines]
Freddie Quell: [to Win] You're the bravest girl I've ever met. Now stick it back in, it fell out.

Freddie Quell: Maybe we think the same things at the same time.

Lancaster Dodd: You're acting aggressive because you drink too much alcohol.
Freddie Quell: No, I don't think so.

Freddie Quell: Well, I'm sorry if I got out of hand last night. It was cold and...
Lancaster Dodd: Don't apologize. You're a scoundrel
Freddie Quell: [laughs]
Lancaster Dodd: And as a scientist and a connoisseur, I have no idea the contents of this remarkable potion. What's in it?
Freddie Quell: Secrets.

Freddie Quell: I don't know what I told you but if you have work for me to do I can do it.
Lancaster Dodd: You seem so familiar to me.
Freddie Quell: Yeah. What do you do?
Lancaster Dodd: I do many, many things. I am a writer, a doctor, a nuclear physicist, a theoretical philosopher, but, above all, I am a man. A hopelessly inquisitive man, just like you.

Freddie Quell: Do you know how to get rid of crabs?
Seaman: No.
Freddie Quell: You got to shave one testicle, then all the crabs go over to the other testicle. You got to light the hair on fire on that one, and when they all go scurrying out, you take an icepick and you fucking stab every single last one of them.

Lancaster Dodd: [Lancaster and Freddie have been imprisoned in two separate cells, sharing a wall] Your fear of capture and imprisonment is an implant from millions of years ago. This battle has been with you from before you know. This is not you.
Freddie Quell: SHUT THE FUCK UP!
Lancaster Dodd: It's not you.
Freddie Quell: SHUT. THE FUCK. UP!
Lancaster Dodd: It's not you. You are asleep. Your spirit was free. Moving from body, to the next body. Free. Free for a moment. Then it was captured by an invader force, bent on turning you to the darkest way, you've been implanted with a push-pull mechanism that keeps you fearful of authority and destructive. We are in the middle of a battle that's a trillion years in the making and it's bigger than the both of us!
Freddie Quell: You're making this shit up! You make this shit up! You don't know what you're talking about!

Lancaster Dodd: Why aren't you with her?
Freddie Quell: I'm an idiot.
Lancaster Dodd: Why aren't you with the lovely girl?
Freddie Quell: I got no reason. I'm a fool.
Lancaster Dodd: Do you love Doris?
Freddie Quell: Yes.
Lancaster Dodd: Is she the love of your life?
Freddie Quell: Yes, sir.
Lancaster Dodd: Then why aren't you with her?
Freddie Quell: I don't know.
Lancaster Dodd: Yes you do. Tell me why you are not with her if you love her so much.
Freddie Quell: I told her I'd come back and I never went back and now I just... I gotta get back to her.
Lancaster Dodd: Why don't you go back?
Freddie Quell: I don't know.
Lancaster Dodd: Close your eyes. Starting now, you are not to blink. If you blink we go back to the start.

Peggy Dodd: This exercise will help you with your concentration. What color are my eyes?
Freddie Quell: Green.
Peggy Dodd: Turn them blue. Turn them black. What color are my eyes?
Freddie Quell: Black.
Peggy Dodd: Very good.

Peggy Dodd: This is difficult for you, listen.
[reading Victorian pornography]
Peggy Dodd: It's really a damn shame to tease you so, my little whore, he laughed. So I will get the dildo out of my cabinet in the next room. He was scarcely gone many seconds before he returned and I felt his fingers opening the lips of my cunt. Oh oh ah who is that? I screamed for my...
Freddie Quell: I don't want to hear any of this.
Peggy Dodd: Just listen, no reaction.
Peggy Dodd: Kiss her, put your tongue in her mouth, my boy. Fuck, fuck, fuck away.

V.A. Doctor: According to the history here, I notice that you say you saw a vision of your mother, tell me about that, tell me what happened.
Freddie Quell: [speaking over him] No it wasn't a vision, it was a dream.
V.A. Doctor: Well tell me about the dream.
Freddie Quell: Why?
V.A. Doctor: I need to know.
Freddie Quell: Why you need to know?
V.A. Doctor: This will help in your treatment.
Freddie Quell: You can't help in my treatment, you don't even know... Well, it was my mother and my father and me and... back home. And... we're sitting around a table... and drinks... laughing. And it just sort of ended there. Thanks for the help.

Freddie Quell: Jim Day, Jim Day, that Jim Day?
Mrs. Solstad: Yes. Jim Day from Somerville.
Freddie Quell: Well, when'd that happen?
Mrs. Solstad: They've been married for three years.
Freddie Quell: Is he still ugly?

Lancaster Dodd: Are you unpredictable?
[Freddie farts and starts laughing]
Lancaster Dodd: Silly. Silly animal.
Freddie Quell: I couldn't help it. I'm sorry.
Lancaster Dodd: It's good to laugh during processing. Sometimes we forget. Even if it is at the sound of an animal.

Lancaster Dodd: You shouldn't work in your condition.
Freddie Quell: No, I can work.
Lancaster Dodd: You're aberrated.
Freddie Quell: No I'm not!
Lancaster Dodd: You know what that means?
Freddie Quell: ...No.

Rorschach Doctor: Freddie, I'm going to show you a series of pictures. I want you to tell me the first thing that comes to your mind. There's no right or wrong answers.
Rorschach Doctor: [Holds up a typical ink-blot Rorschach picture] Tell me what you see.
Freddie Quell: Well, that's a pussy, a lady's pussy.
Rorschach Doctor: [holds up another picture] What about this one?
Freddie Quell: Looks like cock going inside of a pussy.
Rorschach Doctor: All right, let's try it again.
Rorschach Doctor: [holds up another picture] Tell me what you see, Freddie.
Freddie Quell: That looks like... That's just like a cock, actually, upside down.
Rorschach Doctor: Thank you.